No question about that! I am just pilling the season up on my DVR, I’ll get to it eventually.


This show has been excellent this season. Big things happening. People dying. Great stuff if you haven’t been watching.


Yeah, I was surprised that the writers ended up killing off Charlie, the middle son who had been lost in the first season +. The way the lead was flying it would have been silly if the whole family had survived intact, though.


Damn, Proxy Snyder doesn’t have 9, but rather 99 lives , sheesh.
BTW, I can’t remember-- whom did Bram kill? He tells his dad that he killed someone when they’re arguing in this episode.


He killed The Ambassador - who you might recognize as The Other in Lost with an eyepatch and a European accent who they seemingly couldn’t kill (he eventually died with Charlie at The Looking Glass station).


Finally got around to starting this season, after letting all the episodes pile up on my DVR. Man, that Seattle camp was giving off some serious “GTFO” vibes, but Snyder seemed to be the only one feeling it. I just finished the episode with the reveal on the alien and the gauntlet (establishing communications).

Sounds like the enemy of my enemy is an even worse enemy. If the “raps” really were seeking an alliance, they sure picked a bad way to open negotiations (killing millions of people the day they arrived). Also, since they seem to be a completely non-biological race, my bet is on the new aliens being the species that created them, lost control of them, and are now trying to eradicate them.


Watched some more. Seems like I was mistaken, I thought the camp was in Seattle, but it was just NorCal outside San Francisco I guess? Anyway…

Sucks to be those people. You got two or three episodes of screen time and now you’re all dead. Pretty clever how Snyder manipulated everyone, but I suspect he’s not feeling very victorious given his discovery of Charlie among the camp’s casualties. Poor kid, we spent most of the first two seasons hoping Will could get him back, then this season he was relegated to a background character and now this. Ouch.


This season feels like two very different seasons, with a bridge episode in-between. Its a real change in tone when it transitions from one to the other.


Yea, but I also think there is one consistent overall message, despite the shifts in tone and environment:
“The world outside of the LA & Santa Monica area is crazy.”


I expected this season to be really poor. Boy, was I ever wrong.


Hopefully this weekend I’ll find time for all the episodes on the DVR, I am pretty hyped going by the responses here.


It just keeps getting better - the Seattle stuff has been great!


Seriously. It’s a credit to the writers how they are consistently able to convey that just through character interactions and hints of what has happened elsewhere. The whole segment where they pretty much confirmed what happened to Dallas for example…they never actually had to show anything other than a simple conversation, but the way that story was told, the reactions of the characters and the implications on the ongoing plotline were all really good.

I wondered if this season of Colony would just turn into a rip-off of Falling Skies, but it has not. Instead it’s become a very good show in it’s own right, and a much better show about an alien invasion than Falling Skies could have ever hoped to be.


So I’m all caught up and…wow. Seattle is turning out to be the best plotline yet. I am a little confused by the most recent episode though.

So Kynes decided way back before Arrival Day to put in motion his plan to make Seattle the ultimate home of the human resistance? It looks like he took back his algorithm and started using it to weed out Outliers (people with military or other exceptional combat skills) as well as scientists, doctors, engineers and others who would be vital to rebuild humanity, and collected them all in Seattle. It also appears that the Hosts used his algorithm to select ambitious, greedy and compliant people to be their top collaborators, people they knew would sell out the rest of humanity. It was great when he confronted Snyder and Helena on it right before he took off.

What confused me though is the island, and the scene this episode where a couple of obviously foreign Outliers were killed by what appeared to be an alien. Did I miss something that said that scene took place in Switzerland or wherever the Hosts are testing their Outlier plan? I assume that was some sort of test? Also, it appears that Kynes was supplying at least some Outliers to the Host program, to stay under the radar. It also looks like he was shipping people who didn’t meet his algorithm criteria off to Portland to provide manual labor for the hosts?

I’m not sure how successful he could really be unless he plans to bust those people (Portland) out to swell the ranks of his Outlier led private army and then start retaking blocks one by one?


And Canceled

  • Colony premiered at Comic-Con in 2015 and has had a continuous presence at the fan confab including last year when the cast and producers teased big Season 3 changes. But there has been no trace of Colony at this year’s Comic-Con despite the sci-fi drama currently airing its third season. That is likely because the show has been canceled, Deadline has learned. Wednesday’s Season 3 finale will serve as the series finale.


Not a shock, but hugely disappointing. This has been one of the most consistently written and fleshed out science fiction series on TV, but just hasn’t gotten the buzz. Just happy it got 3 great seasons!


Aww, HELL no! Stupid TV execs.


Is there a chance that the ending will be proper satisfying?


Not if it was written as a season-ender. This really sucks


Of course its canceled, I am 2 episodes into season 3 and its fantastic. :(