Combat Mission sequel soon?

Any of you Game Journalists have any knowledge of a sequel? I want a new one! Please?

Combat Mission was pretty cool… It was the 3d Close Combat… also… they should remake that game with leet graphics…


Afrika Korps was the last of the first-gen CM’s. Battlefront is working on a new engine now. I’d hang out at the BF forums for more info.

Maybe this one will actually work on a Mac newer than 500 years old.

Combat Mission almost killed gaming for me. When it came out I played it for about a year straight non stop and didn’t buy a single other game. When I came out of my CM haze my system was horribly dated and couldn’t run anything new coming out. It was like everything I had ever wanted in a realistic tactical wargame. It was exactly like playing a realistic tabletop game with the computer’s help. That and a really wacky community of players helped it get into my all time top 3 favorites.

It was also the only time I had ever met a group of people offline (at a bar) that I had played a game with online. We drank and ate at a seafood buffet place on the Potomac for 10 hours! In attendance were a general (a real, active duty general), a spook for the NSA, two homicide detectives, two nuclear sub technicians, a marine recon scout (pretty sure he was a sniper, but he didn’t talk about it), an arms dealer (worked for Springfield Armory), etc. What a wild game that was, to attract all those different people.

Looking forward to CM2!

Throw in a lobbyist and a tour guide and you have your stereotypical DC cocktail party. Of course, it would have to end in murder so that the homicide detectives can do their thing.

Love Combat Mission. The simultaneous turn mechanic really contributes to tension building the way that RTS and TBS can’t - or at least don’t for me. Ambushes are a lot of fun unless you’re the moron driving your Sherman into one.


This forum thread indicates at least 6 more months. They don’t even list it as being in development on their main page, so I would guess it won’t ship in 2005. Early 2006 seems plausible, though…


I’d love to see modern era done. Maybe like TacOps with the CM engine. Or… how about Battletech with the CM engine? I’d pay real money for that.

I played CM with a local guy. We had lunch, got along well. I won a few games, and one day, he just kind of “snapped”. In one game, he was spending hours trying to do plan, get all his guys into position, and I was beating him – 1 M10 of mine took about 6 of his tanks out, and some tanks coming to reinforce him just kind of ran over a few of his guys trying to sneak around.

He said that he couldn’t play me anymore.

And I’m really not that good of a player. I lack patience.

That was always my problem. I’d take all day to deploy my troops, looking at angles, hills, trees, buildings … planning moves in advance, scouts, arty calls, the whole thing. Then I’d spot an enemy tank and I’d go all crazy, rushing everyone frontward to close. A few turns layer my guys were calling out “medic” and morale was plummeting.

Once I learned patience, I got much better. I love, love, love huge artillery strikes. If they didn’t limit you to whatever the cap was (1/4 your points, or something like that), I’d buy a few squads and the rest artillery. There is nothing like watching a 60 second turn of airbursts with the sound cranked up to brighten up your day. Especially when those airbursts are putting the hurt on some tough as nails Germans.

I really lack discipline and patience myself which is why I rarely play the scenarios. But I love, insanely, the random battle generators both for single and multi-player. Set everything to random with fog of war cranked up and see what happens. If I don’t like the lay of the battlefield before I start I just hit the randomize button again until my force and the terrain look interesting.

Man, what I wouldn’t give for a Combat Mission with a random campaign generator like Steel Panthers’. Sure, sure, they say there are too many casualties and it’s not realistic but, hell, put that mode in there with high quality graphics and I might never need another game again. Mix in some off-camera logistics, maybe some mission selections (so you can have a choice about how to approach a battlefield), and lots of random complications and elements for variability and voila: the perpetual gaming engine. :)