Combat Mission: Shock Force

Looks pretty schweet!


Due out this year I hope?

Yes. .

Those graphics seem to have taken a quantum leap…

That looks really good. Hopefully there will be a demo.

Ok, hum, as a huge fan of the original series I’m a bit tickled about the whole “programmed from the start in Real Time” thing.

Why mess with perfection? I sure hope it hopes something new to this overcrowded table. There is some consolation in the “the exact same groundbreaking WeGo” assertment, but I’m getting assaulted by visions of XCom Apoc.

I wonder if the two systems can be accomodated smoothly or if one will suffer at the expense of the other. If so, I can imagine which one. >:-(
Anyway, wild speculation I know…


Well, their system was pretty much paused real-time from the get go (if you think about it). WEGO is going to be GREAT for PBEM - and Real Time for those with a bit more of an action bent.

I’m looking forward to the ‘different objectives’ thing. It makes a lot of sense. Insurgents might just be there to inflict casualties, regardless of cost, good guys might be trying to snatch-some-one. Interesting.

It was close, but that 60-second window where you were reduced to a mere spectator was one of the cornerstones of the series. The other being the TacAI.

I wonder if the RT mode will feature the same “volitive” model for soldiers or if your troops will carry out your orders no matter how suicidal they are.


Real time paused is way, way, way different than WeGo/Simultaneous turns. It’s as different as turn based vs. real time.

It’s also as different as single-player vs multiplayer.

Agreed. I think real time paused offers a lot more control, since having to “let go” of your guys 60 seconds at a time would be fairly torturous because you couldn’t respond instantly to a developing situation.

I thought that was the point of the game? One of the the game’s neater features was that you had to account for the unexpected when you issued your orders thus pushing the you to make ‘safer/realistic’ decsions.

I’m guessing it plays more like a close combat rts rather than, say, a company of heros rts.

Yeah,I bought the first two,passed on AK(not sure why), but would not even consider this one if it becomes solely a RTS or RTpaused game. Hopefully,they are not spending so much time on the RT engine,that the old standard falls by the wayside.

I agree that it was pretty much the unique thing about the series,I think there might be another RT game or two…

Indeed. Similar system was used in Laser Squad Nemesis, and was great–you never quite knew what was going to happen once you hit “go.” More titles need to use the system.

Simultaneous turn/WeGo allows for some interesting models to emerge as well. for instance, they can model the delay that is caused by inexperienced units or units without radios to get organized and get moving. They can model on the fly threat assessment, even based on unit experience. It also makes the player think totally differently, as you have to plan support, what you will do when you contact the enemy, etc. It also, I think, models a unit commmander’s actual relevance on the battlefield more. You can’t be everywhere at once, you have to give orders and then your men carry them out.

The series stands out not only because of WEGO and the TacAI, but for the level of realism these guys go for while keeping it beers&pretzels.
Things like plating slopes and metallurgical quality of the tanks’ hulls, and tracing and resolving damage for every single shell fired.

I can’t stop dreaming of this game in the Silent Storm engine with fully destructible environments. Imagine the awesomeness.

Quite literally, I would pay $100 for that.

Combat Mission: The RTS is a pass for me.

Combat Mission: RTS will be a huge Go for me. It will be like the old close combat games, not a normal RTS. I liked the idea of the 60 second WEGO and tried to play those games many times but I just never like having to constantly hit the go button and try and watch what was going on…never liked the camera angles.

I really like Blitzkreig so a more intense sim type close combat/blitzkrieg will be great IMO.

But then it would be more like Close Combat V (yes IV is just out) and less Combat Mission IV.

Mmmhh… this could get Falloutsy.