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Lights and fans, primarily. Surely you have other non-smart lights plugged into the wall somewhere in your house.


Hardly any. When we bought this house we had an electrician come in and install ceiling fans/lights in all the bedrooms, so no main room lights are plugged in. There’s a couple of floor lamps in the living room that don’t get used very often - probably one of them will get the smart plug (should I leave it named ‘tree’? :).

The other one is actually useful. Have a pair of Mackie CR-3s in the bedroom, and they have an obnoxiously bright green ring light that doesn’t lend itself to a black electrical tape solution. It’s nice to be able to turn on the speakers in the morning without getting out of bed.


If you don’t use the lights, I don’t know if I’d bother. Just pack it away with your xmas stuff.


Not specific to smart - but for the first time I used these lever clips instead of wire nuts while re-wiring everything in the box. Am now a big fan.


I see a few have clicked on the lever-nut link, so I figured I’d add a few words about why I liked using them.

Need to join 3 14-gauge solid wires? No problem. (Even 4 or 5 - they make them with that many slots)
No futzing with keeping them all lined up right with one hand in a tight space.
You don’t even need to attach the wires at the same time, so I was able to wire up one switch and then come back to add the connections for the 2nd.
No trying to find the wire nut box (or use the internet) to figure out if it is OK or not to join 3 14-ga wires with an orange nut.
Need to back up and re-route one wire? No problem, just open its lever, move the wire, and stick it back in.


I discovered Wagos a few years ago and have not used a wire nut since.


From LG’s CES press conference, not remotely creepy:

LG laughs at your puny always-on microphones.


Uh oh


There’re still a few left direct from Google for $15.


Already out of stock. I use two of them to stream music - one to an old Logitech Squeezebox Boom (an astonishingly great-sounding little speaker) and one to a pair of Mackie CR-3s. I’d but another just for backup if I can find one for $15. Not sure what the replacement for the same functionality would be (particularly for Home groups to stream the same music to multiple non-google speakers).