Comcast DVR questions

Is there any way to “skip” around a recording, like on a Tivo? If I wanted to say, skip ahead 15 minutes into a program, is there a way to accomplish that?

Not as far as I know.

You can set your remote to skip ahead 30 seconds but that’s as far as I’ve gotten it to go.

Sure there is, Gary… if you want to skip 15 minutes into a recording, just hit fast-forward to skip 2.5 minutes of commercials and then, when the commercial break is over, hit play. But the command queue bug will strike (again) and the DVR will refuse to accept any commands until you’re 15 minutes into the show. Then when you go to rewind to where you WANTED to start watching, it will command queue bug again and take you all the way to the beginning of the show. So then you’ll fast-forward through the 8 minutes of show you’ve already seen, and this time the command queue bug will rear its ugly head and lock you out until you’re at the end of the program with “start over” and “erase” as your options. And because by now you’re pissed you hit EXIT EXIT LIVETV EXIT PAUSE PLAY PLAY PLAY REWIND several times and the damned thing interprets those commands as ERASE THIS SHOW NOW. And you’ll wish you had your Tivo back.

Not that I would know or anything.

Haha exactly. What a POS system. I can’t believe that I’m able to record the pinnacle of visual fidelty, HD content. Not only that, but STREAM it in realtime to my box. Yet, the interface still looks and behaves like something from 1985. It’s ridiculous.

CES had an announcement for Tivo on the Comcast boxes.

Of course, they’ll probably charge more. Fuckers.

Yeah, these Comcast boxes have really crappy software. Especially coming from a Tivo, I feel like I landed in the 7th circle of hell.

And I don’t care if the Tivo on Comcast costs more,if they make the software like Tivo, I’ll pay it.

They definitely are charging more for the TIVO upgrade.

Yeah by default the remote doesn’t have a key to skip ahead 30 secs… so make sure you mess around with the config.

Also does anyone know why sometimes on Headline News you get that stupid Comcast mininews crap, especially when interesting shows like the Glenn Beck are on?

I’m pretty sure it will cost a lot more. It’s why I switched to Comcast from DirectTV (and sort of regret it). DirectTV had the basic Tivo DVR/Receiver for “free” for subscribers, but when I got my bigscreen and wanted to upgrade to the HD DVR/Receiver they wanted to charge me $800 for the Tivo unit. So I cancelled and signed up with Comcast, who gave me their piece-of-shit HD DVR box for free. Bugs and all.

I had DishTV before Comcast. I had to buy the receiver completely, they don’t rent it (I got the dvr one)…

About 7 months down the road, they added 15 new HD channels, except to get this, you had to … get this… buy a completely new receiver. That’s right, the ~$600 down the drain and they offered no upgrade path, and no way to watch the new HD channels without the new receiver.

So I said screw DishTV and got comcast, plus the internet is way faster than DSL ;).