Comcast gave me free IGN Founder's Club

Not sure if this is a regional thing, but if you have Comcast HSI, you get a free subscription to IGN Founder’s Club. Never bought one of these before, but I guess it’s nice to be able to use Gamespy/Fileplanet’s subscriber servers for downloads. Link.

it’s not “free”, you only get it if you pay the $10 extra for 768 up / 8mb down

Hmm, I guess I already have those speeds, then. Funny, I don’t remember ever upgrading and my monthly bill hasn’t changed…!!!

I have those speeds, but no ign offer… hmm is this for new customers only or did they just email you out of the blue?


lower right hand corner

you should be able to access it chet

Also works for 3dgamers which is nice since they sometimes post up patches and demos before Fileplanet does.

I got an email earlier today. When I activated the Founder’s Club, it converted my existing plain gamespy ID login to my login and that was that.