Comcast Internet Plus

Hi everyone, I was curious if anyone else heard about Internet Plus. I got a call from rep about getting Internet Plus for about 49.95 (10 dollars more than the basic Internet that I get already). It comes with Streaming and HBO Go.

Currently, even with the Leaf, I get only 5 or so channels (basically Fox and NBC). I have Netflix and Hulu Plus to get most of the shows like, but I would feel comfortable with trading Hulu Plus for Comcast Plus Go for 12 months (after which the promotion needs) unless there are installation fees or anything. Has anyone else come across this promotion, and what do you think?

Since it is mostly about getting TV shows, I thought it would fit best in the TV section of forum.

Sounds like a pretty good deal, but that doesn’t include renting a DVR, right? That’s probably another $18/month right there. Or you could buy a TiVo for $99, pay $15/month for the TiVo fees, and another $3/month for a Cablecard.

Alternatively you could stream all your video from Xfinity, but there is no Roku or FireTV Xfinity apps. There is an Xfinity app for Xbox360 but not Xbone. So if you have a 360 lying around, that could be a strong contender.

I’m paying $85 a month (post fees/taxes) for basically that except not promotionally priced and not time-limited. So that’s a darn good deal in my book. Note that HBO Go is the good part. Streampix has a few movies and a little bit of TV but is largely useless and infuriatingly difficult to disentangle from the non-premium streaming content Comcast offers (basically equivalent to and maybe even powered by non-Plus Hulu).

Doesn’t everybody get HBO GO for free? You just need to know one person paying for it with cable, and use their login. The HBO execs even said they know people do this and they don’t care.

I switched to Internet Plus about 6 months ago, though here in Utah, its $69.99 (which is what I was paying before). I got HBO channels, plus HBO Go and Streaming. I started watching a lot of HBO so it was worth it. The internet speed is only 5mb up and 25mb down, but that is what I had before.

Of course, since its been 6 months, Comcast apparently needed to get in their yearly amounts of dickishness so they sent me a lovely advertisement for the exact same package I am already getting, but tacking on an extra $20 a month. Stay classy, Comcast!

Let’s put that to the test. For scientific reasons, can someone pm me their HBO Go login? Thanks. ;)

I wouldn’t give it to anyone I don’t actually know in person, because I would expect it to be posted on tumblr somewhere. But I know of a dozen people sharing one friend’s aunt’s HBO login.

You need a cable plan with an HBO subscription if you want to access HBO Go (unless you use someone else’s account of course).

I’ve been using Comcast’s Internet Plus for the last year, it’s a good deal compared to the rest of their lineup. Cable with local channels + HBO is pretty much everything I watch anyway, so that’s good from a TV perspective, and the 25 megabit internet service is enough for my needs.

It still has the shitty problem that every Comcast subscription has, I think, which is that you need to pay an extra $10/month if you want HD channels instead of just SD channels. What a horribly anachronistic and consumer-hostile practice.

The 12-month promotion I’m on currently costs me ~$56/month for 25 megabit cable, ~10-15 local channels + all HBO channels, and an HD DVR, but that’ll go up by around $20-30/month once the promotion expires. Planning to explore alternate options if they don’t let me extend the promotion.

But in Seattle the only competition is CenturyLink, which while offering 20 megabit downstream speeds, maxes out at an 896kbit upload rate :-/

When I realized that they were only going to give me SD, I didn’t even bother installing the cable box. I’m in it for the Go, but I might have occasionally fiddled with the actual TV service if it were going to be HD. No HD, no point.

They try SO hard to sell you TV and extras even when you don’t want it. There must be massive profit margin in it.

We pay $65 for 50mb down Internet only service, given we watch little tv and all of it online, it seemed like a better place to spend a little extra vs all the other crap and charges larded on for tv.

Good for usa service, but an embarrassment compared to what some places charge for high speed internet.