Come for the punching, but stay for the story in Street Fighter V


Remember the epic moment when Ryu betrayed Ken? Or that time when Chun Li finally got revenge for her father’s death? Apparently there are Street Fighter fans that love the convoluted soap opera stories that go with the Street Fighter games. It’s not all hundred-hand-slaps and whirlwind kicks. There’s drama! For all the players that look forward to more exposition and histrionics, Sony and Capcom have some good news. They’ve announced that Street Fighter V will get a free story expansion post-launch. Confusingly, he storyline will take place between the events of Street Fighter IV and Street Fighter III.

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Until I can make the fighting avatars push their faces together and make kissy noises, I am not interested.


anyone else playing this on pc?

i have a weird problem where the entire game upon startup pauses/seizes up every 3 seconds or so.


Are any of the characters romanceable in this game?