Come guess this movie in the 2017 20:20 game!


Game rules:
Posting: On your turn, select a movie and check to see that it hasn’t been done before. Post a frame from the movie when you pause it at the 20:20 mark. Wait for at least a couple people to guess, or 24 hours. Then post a frame from 40:40 and wait again. Continue for 60:60, 80:80, 100:100, etc. If nobody can guess your movie, you lose and must post again.

Guessing: Use only what’s in your mind (don’t Google it). You get one guess per frame, and if you want to guess again, you’ll have to wait until the next frame gets posted. If you guess the movie, it’s your turn to post.

Here’s a link to the google doc of all the movie frames posted so far, curated by charmtrap.

First up for 2017 is @dwinn!

It's 2016 and here's your 20:20 movie game name thread!

Oops! Hey thanks for setting this up - I’ll get something in there tonight.


Happy New Year!


Everybody Wants Some?


Is it cheating to look up his early movies? That’s not violating the rules of Googling something, right?

But based on [REDACTED] early credits, it’s got to be [REDACTED]. Which I didn’t remember he was in, but I’ve certainly seen it many times, so I don’t feel bad about “cheating”.


EDIT: Oops, now I see the rule is to use only what’s in our minds. So I guess I did cheat. :(


I’ll be curious to find out what [REDACTED] was!
It is not Everybody Wants Some!! (did I get the right amount of exclamation marks?)



[REDACTED] was the name of the movie you’re posting frames of! Since everything I need to recognize that 40:40 is now in my brain, I’m going to tell you that [REDACTED] was and still is Terror Train.

Also, excellent work on the number of exclamation points in Everybody Wants Some!!



Indeed. Can’t get any lousy Canadian 80’s horror past you sir.

60:60 – "Shoot for the magic trunk!"

80:80 – JLC is our heroine yet again

Over to you, Tom!


Ach, that 20:20 is the head college kid douchebag from Breaking Away. You can see how I’d make the mistake.


He’s also the “Hans, boobie!” guy from Die Hard. I bet he gets that a lot out in public. “Hey, Marge, look it’s that guy from Die Hard! Would you say ‘Hans, boobie!’ for us?”

So Terror Train is Canadian? I had no idea it was a foreign film!

Lemme find something suitable to post. Stand by!



In what movie will you see this at the 20:20 mark?



Heh. Tom thinks Ellis is calling Hans a boobie.


“Hey, sprechen ze talk?”


In what movie will you see this at the 40:40?



Deepwater Horizon? Shots taken through a flip phone?


That was gonna be my guess from the 20, but I didn’t have anything lined up if I got lucky.


You got it! And if you hadn’t, I’m pretty sure someone would from the 60:60.

Here’s an 80:80 of something or other going wrong underwater.

Over to charmtrap, connoisseur of fine working class hero disaster movies!



I guess I have to be a connoisseur of something!

New 20:


In a Valley of Violence?



Boom. Got it. Not a very good movie.



Remember when the dog did that thing where he put his paws over his eyes because he was, like, embarrassed by something Ethan Hawk said? Remember that? Thanks, Ti West.