Come guess this movie in the 2017 20:20 game!


We have a winner

Because Tony Jaa is enough for me. Take it away @charmtrap


Tony Jaa is awesome.



Is that the Cruise? Color of Money?


Not The Color Of Money, I’m afraid.


It doesn’t really look like Sam Neill, but that does look like a military uniform, so what the heck, I’ll take a guess. Is it The Omen II?



Ugh, I can’t guess again until the next frame, right? Because I think I have it.


It is not the Omen II, and yeah, I think the rule is one guess per frame.


I’ve heard my girlfriend, who is herself a designer, invoke this. I appreciate you reminding me of it. I just have trouble actually applying it to every situation as a user. I think it is valuable for a designer to use this as a way of setting the bar, but I still think the user bears some responsibility as well when it comes to implementation.

So that’s why I almost always quote stuff in my direct replies, or @ somebody when I’m referring to them, because I think the design is asking that of me, and I think that request is reasonable. It doesn’t make the designer blameless, but it does share the responsibility. Which is why I’m really happy you included the quote.

I’ve done that before here too, Craig. Because I might just have a few things to say about a movie and am shy about starting a thread about it. There are threads like this that work in this regard. In the old days of the blue boards (somebody offer to help me cross the street please) I used to do a monthly thread called “What We’re Watching Now” where folks could just talk generally about a movie they’d recently seen, usually a lesser known movie, without having to start a whole new thread.

Blah blah blah. No need to apologize for talking about the “…Monday” movie, you or @Kemper_Boyd . I just got confused.



Never seen it, but Born on the 4th of July?


Not that.



That doesn’t look like Wes Bentley, but just in case: is it P2?



Wow, never even heard of that movie. So, no.




@BellaConfusione takes it!

I was surprised it took to the 40…I think of Nightwatch as a cable staple. It’s not that good, but it’s got some nicely creepy atmospheric scenes in the morgue.



Your go, Bella.


Here’s a new 20:


The Aviator?


Is that the lovely Joan Allen in Tucker: The Man and His Dream?


Absolutely correct, this is the movie in which the Dude and Pamela Landy start a car company.
I’ll have the other frames up as soon as I can.





Back to you, @charmtrap!


Hey hey, two in a row…I’ll have something up after raid night!


Fresh fish here!