Come guess this movie in the 2017 20:20 game!


No. Goodness. I haven’t seen this since it was in theaters. Wow.

My favorite memory from that movie is the quote, “They got a saying. I believe it’s in the Benelux countries…”

I just loved that line. I think John Goodman says it. I’d never heard that term before, but one of my college roommates (still a good friend) keyed on it and thought it hilarious when the comeback was, “No.” Or, “Just drive.” Something like that.

Not this either.



Sex, Lies, and Videotape?


That kind of shower always screams “Psycho” in my head, but it can’t be that, can it?


No. But I did reference the lead actor in that movie in this week’s podcast. @marquac caught the reference, which always makes me happy.

Sadly no. It can’t be.



The forty:




Everybody Wants Some!!?!?


Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer?


Didn’t recognize the frame, never seen Sex, Lies, and Videotape, but when in doubt, guess at something from the podcast!


One Cloverfield Lane?


This is such a weird guess. I love it, and the punctuation. But no!!!1

Interesting guess, But I think the aspect ratio doesn’t fit since I think Henry is in full and was stretched out when it was first in theaters.

Not a bad strategy, since I’ve been told I’m pretty transparent in that regard. But what the heck, Wholly? You’ve never seen sex, lies, and videotape?!? What is going on over there? Get to work!

[oh, and no…it’s not that]


“You can’t possibly trust him. He’s perverted.”


Is that a -9 prequel?

It’s not a Cloverfield movie.



Blind stab, but the execrable Killer Joe?


Whoa. Them’s strong words. What have you got against fried chicken legs?

It’s not Killer Joe.



Okay. This is a short movie so this is the last frame. I fear a defeat looms on my horizon.





Green Room!


You sure picked a tough one for yourself there, Dingus.


I think it matches palette-wise, but that hallway is way too clean. Good guess, but no.

Yeah. But I’ve had it on file for some time, so I had to use it.



Is that some kind of diagonal split screen? Who the hell does that? De Palma?

I’ll take a stab at Phantom of the Paradise.




The suspense is killing us, @ChristienMurawski