Come guess this movie in the 2017 20:20 game!


Okay. Sorry all. We have a loss.

The movie in question is called Mulberry St.

It was directed by a dude named Jim Mickle, and I saw it some time ago to prep for a podcast we did for his movie Cold in July, which I think we all really liked.

I’ll have a new frame up in a few minutes.



The new twenty:



Desierto ?


Oh, look, Dingus picked a movie where the frame shows actual actors!

That’s the 20:20 from Quentin Dupieux’s Rubber.



Shit. That frame totally reminded me of the “audience” in Rubber, but I could have sworn it has been done already.


A winnar is Tom! It is indeed Rubber. I love this weird movie.

The forty:


The eighty-whatever:

So this fits right back into my predictability in this contest. What I could not have predicted is that not a one of these frames has the titular character in it. Wait. I forgot. The main character in this is known as Jaws. Everybody knows that.

You have the conch, @tomchick!


“Oh God…the kid was right…”


I thought so too, Kemper. But I promise I checked more than once.



In what movie will you see this at the 20:20?



File name Tom! Unless that’s a decoy file name.


It’s okay, I don’t think you can see the file name in Discourse. Besides, that would be cheating.





Okay, my guess is Final Analysis.


No correct answers so far! Therefore, I pose this question: in what movie will you see this at the 40:40?



Texas Chainsaw Massacre remake!


No correct guesses so far! So in what movie will you see this at the 60:60?



Not sure, but I’m worried about that young girl in the foreground. This situation looks sketchy.


I think it’s “Yet Another Movie with No Lighting Budget.”



Now that’s how you remind someone in style that he spaced on posting the next frame!

In what movie will you see this at the 80:80?



Well, I guess I lose by being the only one who’s seen Let Me Make You a Martyr. There’s no way someone who’s seen it wouldn’t get the 80:80. But I guess it’s probably for the best.

Okay, let me try another movie. Stand by for a sec.