Come guess this movie in the 2017 20:20 game!


In what movie will you see this at the 20:20?



Is that The Pact?


I’m afraid it is not The Pact. Maybe the 40:40 will help?



Is that a perfect frame for the fabulous Shimmer Lake?


You got it! That shot does kind of capture Shimmer Lake in one frame, doesn’t it?

Adam Pally likes to hog the frames. Here he is in the 60:60.

But he generously shares the 80:80 with the lead actor.

Over to you, Kemper Boyd!



Cool. This will give me something to do rather than continue to be roasted in P&R for daring to disagree with the hivemind.


What’s going on over there? I haven’t visited in a while. Tell them to chill out and enjoy the fabulous Shimmer Lake.



This may take some serious digging into your Criterion Collections, but in which fine film will you find this frame at the 20:20 mark:


Viva, los Biodome!


It is indeed. I didn’t dare to rewatch it, because I do have some fond memories of being pleasantly surprised by it back in the day. I was likely pretty drunk at the time.

Anyway, here is the 40:40

The 60:60

…and, mercifully, the 80:80

You are up, @sinnick !


New 20:20


Oh, man, I feel like I’ve seen that. I don’t think that’s Luke Evans, but I’m getting a Luke Evans vibe from him, so my guess is Dracula Untold.



Not Dracula Untold!


The 40:40:




Not Shine!


I’m getting a messed up bordello / old westy vibe. Pretty Baby?


Not Pretty Baby.





Topsy Turvy it is! On the movie podcast this week there was talk of movies which depict or comment on artists and the creative process. Topsy-Turvy is one of my all-time favourite movies about the creative process. It’s so rich. I’ve seen it at least ten times and I still find something new in it every time I watch it. It is, by far, my favourite Mike Leigh movie.

80:80: Shirley Henderson gets a talking-to.

100:100: Three little maids from school

120:120: Sullivan and the D’Oyley-Cartes

140:140: Lesley Manville, doing more in just a few scenes than what most actresses can do in an entire film.

You’re up @Woolen_Horde !