Come guess this movie in the 2017 20:20 game!


I did my due diligence:

But now that I actually trawl through the last topic, I see it’s there. The search result was confusing, and the “list of all frame game” topics didn’t come up, so I assumed it was kosher. I’ll have a new one up in a moment (really, though, I should clearly stop participating in these, since I had the same problem last time).


Better to use the google doc curated by charmtrap. It’s a lot easier to search.


One fresh frame, never before seen, double and triple checked. The 20:20.


Inside Llewyn Davis


Correct! I didn’t expect it to take long.




@Djscman is up!


All right! The Coen’s interest in digital color timing, which they started with O Brother, really went to an incredible degree here. It always looks like the sky is going to open up and dump ten feet of snow…even inside! Or young Llewyn is suffering from glaucoma.

Anyway, here is the next 20:20:


Captain Blood?


Mutiny on the Bounty?


Yes, it is Captain Blood! Not a bad adaptation of the book, except a plot hole here or there they didn’t have the time to explain.

The 40:40

The 60:60, or “Gooh, confound you meddling kids!”

The 80:80 or “How does a bastard, orphan, son of a whore and a Scotsman, dropped in the middle of a forgotten spot in the Caribbean by providence, impoverished, in squalor grow up to be a hero and a scholar?” Actually, that was another guy, not Captain Blood, who was a gentleman, a doctor, and a scholar but stuck in the Caribbean by providence.

The 100:100


Alright! For once I had frames all set to go, so without delay the new 20:20


Kagemusha. One of the great Kurosawa films.


I knew it was potentially incredibly easy. It is pretty identifiably Kurosawa.







Probably why no one had ever done it before, because someone like @Jason_Levine would nail it within the hour ;)

Take it away


With classics like this and Captain Blood, I have a shot. With the indie horror movies that are so beloved around here, not so much. I’ll have something, guaranteed not to be an indie horror movie, but not guaranteed not to be another grampa movie, this evening.


Heh, I know that feeling. But the crew here watches so many more movies than I do, so I kind of get forced into a few narrow genres to find ones not done.

But I can imagine worse fates than being the martial arts and Japanese film guy ;)


OK, in what movie will you see this frame at the 20:20 mark?


The Final Countdown, which ive already done. It’s not on the list though.


Well, that made it a bit hard to search. I’ll find something else this evening.


I can do one and we can just move on.


No need. Here’s one I’m pretty sure hasn’t been done yet:



Match Point?