Come guess this movie in the 2017 20:20 game!




Our Kind of Traitor?


“You should’ve seen the door.”


Dingus has it! It is Our Kind of Traitor. Not the best, but a pretty good Le Carre adaptation. Stellan Skarsgaard as the Russian mobster being the best thing about it.

Over to you, Mr. -xtien!


The new twenty:




Is that Luiz Guzman? You wouldn’t have picked We’re the Millers, would you?


Heh. I might have done, had I seen that movie!



Definitely the fantastic Luis Guzman, but based on the color palette I’m going to guess that’s a frame from The Limey.


I’m going to confirm that you’re right. We have a winnar in the good Doctor!

Watching it again, I now see the ending of Haywire as his fantasy alternate ending to this movie.

The forty:




The eighty-whatever:


You have the conch, @Doctor_Hillbilly!


-Do you understand half the shit he says?
-No…but I know what he means.


The Limey is a favorite. So good.

New 20? Yes.


No takers? I’m not at all sure this frame will make it any easier.


From the Sven and Ole (best pizza in Grand Marais!) bumper sticker in the barber’s mirror, I think it might be a Minnesotan production. Is it Wilson?


Is that Kristen Stewart pretending to be Joan Jett in The Runaways?


Excellent guesses, but incorrect ones. It’s neither Wilson nor The Runaways.


Ah, it must be I Am Not A Serial Killer. Max Records’ make-up tricked me. Did you like it, Dr. Hillybilly? Fascinating movie. Billy O’Brien rocks.



@tomchick is correct. It is I Am Not A Serial Killer, a movie I liked a lot. I wish they’d had a slightly larger budget, but given what they had, it works really well. Big fan of the setting, and the leads are great.

The 60 & 80:


In what movie will you see this at the 20:20?



Rocketeer for the old timey look.


Not the Rocketeer, I’m afraid. Here’s a 40:40.



The Bourne one without Matt Damon. With the Hawkeye Hurt Locker guy


Eye in the Sky?