Come guess this movie in the 2017 20:20 game!


I like these guesses despite the fact that none of them are correct!



Eye in the Sky?

Edit: i’m an idiot.




That map is of the Kola Peninsula, which means Soviet/Russian navy most likely.


Oh, you’re good. You’re really good. :)



In what movie will you see this at the 60:60?



Oh, shit, that’s Big Game, right? SLJ is the president who is shot down?


Like I said, you’re good! I was worried I was going to eat this one, but I figured anyone who saw it might recognize President Samuel L. Jackson in the refrigerator in the 60:60.

The 80:80 is just credits.

Over to you, Mr. Oh That’s The Kola Peninsula! :)



Yay, me!

I was going to go with Never Let Me Go, in honor of Ishiguro winning the Nobel prize in literature last week, but I find it’s been done… twice!

So ya’ll have to settle for this. It’s not Nobel-prize winning in any way.

No cheating.



The Dictator?

If not, Gandhi is my next guess.


Nope. And Nope.


Sexy Beast?


Ben Kingsley in full-blown goofball mode with a side of Nicholas Hoult? The only thing missing is the perpetually inert Felicity Jones!

It’s a 20:20 from Collide!



Perpetually Inert is now my new favorite Netflix series.



God knows I’ve seen enough shows that fit that description.


Tom gets it. He also forgot to mention Tony Hopkins.


In what movie will you see this at the 20:20?



Everybody Wants Some!!?? ? ?! ??


I feel like Tom wouldn’t do this, but dude on the left’s hair is making me think Last House on the Left.


Dude on the left makes me think Matt Stone, but that aspect ratio seems far too serious.