Come guess this movie in the 2017 20:20 game!


Is that kid in the 20:20 a flashback? I actually thought it might be Halloween based on that kid, but when I revisited the frames, it obviously didn’t work.


I don’t think it was a flashback, no. IIRC, it’s part of a sequence where a mom and a little girl have an encounter with Michael at a rest stop.

I won’t give away how it turns out.


Here’s a new 20:20:


Looks like Jeffrey Wright and Bill Murray. Broken Flowers?



It doesn’t look like anything to me.


Manchester by the Sea?



Then it’s probably a Jim Jarmusch movie. Dingus nailed it on the first frame.




You’re up, @ChristienMurawski!


Paging @ChristienMurawski


Ack. Sorry. I’ll post something after my kid’s soccer game.



The new twenty:



Seventeen Candles: Farmer Ted Gets Detention


Is that the neurotoxin house in Saw II?


I mean, that’s very clearly GREEN ROOM, guys.


Game over! We have a winner in fire. I love that you refer to it as the neurotoxin house.

The forty:


The eighty-whatever:

You have the conch, @fire!


“It’s the last house on the left.”




Water boy with the bucket
If he didn’t want the job
He shouldn’t ought to took it
Fire, fire, fire, fire, @fire
Burnin’, burnin’, baby!


In which movie will you see this at 20:20?


“Hey, My Eyes Are Up Here”?


Psycho II?


Here’s the 40:40: