Come guess this movie in the 2017 20:20 game!


Hmm. The Blind Side?



I’m so loving this.



The Last Boyscout?


I like that guess too! I forgot that I watched that movie within the last year or so to prep for one of our podcasts. Weird experience.

But, sadly…no.


“You can’t just walk up and slap a guy. You have to say something cool first.”


The Replacement Players?


Okay Chris. That’s not a thing.



Honestly, what the bleep are we doing here?


Who could ever forget that “Ruppert to Allen” dynamic duo? I was a total 'Skins fan back in '87, not so much anymore alas (a little because they suck, mostly because I can’t stand the owner).


Any Given Sunday?


It’s probably some non-sports movie that just happens to have one shot of a football game, and @ChristienMurawski is just trolling the thread with that 20. ;)

Nonetheless, I’ll guess Rudy.


Plus the figures on the field look weird. My guess it’s either a shot of a video game or early-2000’s CGI.


I am pretty certain this is not it. That field marking is distinctly 90’s/ early 2000’s. I actually like @charmtrap’s guess quite a bit, and since Concussion and Draft Day were already chosen, is what I would have picked.

But the Xtien troll factor potential is high here ;)

I’ll guess The Replacements, which is what I suspect that @marquac really meant


Gah! I can’t believe I got the title wrong. I hope you’re right, @CraigM.


I want to say The Sixth Day, but the XFL scene seemed to happen at the very beginning of the movie.


I don’t trust my memory, but gut reaction is that 3rd and 10 overlay is much more modern than most of the guesses so far. It would surprise me if that was even ten years old at most.


Anyway, does Greta Gerwig have any movies about the NFL?



The down and distance marker is strictly a TV thing, so in whatever film this is the game is on TV. So, yeah, it’s probably not a movie about football at all and the troll potential is off the charts.


American Sniper, cause Snipers like to sit at home watching football.


Is it Gleason, the documentary about the NFL guy with ALS?