Come guess this movie in the 2017 20:20 game!


Black Friday?

There’s football in that, right? That’s all I’ve got. But why does the image look tilt-shifted? Weird.



It is not that.


No. I forgot that was even a thing.

It’s constantly amusing to me that you persist in calling that movie Black Friday. John Frankenheimer’s blockbuster about the biggest shopping day of the year.



It gets much easier from here.

The forty:



Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice?


Got to be, since Dingus already did Man of Steel.


A winner is Chris! My transparency knows no bounds.

Okay, buckle up for about thirty frames:

sixty-one (SPORTS!):

The eighty-whatever:

The one-hundred (the CG with the CG on the CG):

The one-twenty (I still have no idea what this is about):

The one-forty:

The one-sixty (blurred, because newspaper headlines spoil things):

You have the conch, @marquac!


-It’s okay. I’m a friend of your son’s.
-I figured. The cape.


God, I should have guessed from the color grading. Only Zack Snyder could shoot a well-lit stadium game that badly.


Hey! It’s not Zack’s fault. That’s the technology that was available for a Metropolis v Gotham City football game at the time (I’m pretty sure this movie is mostly Found Footage). And keep in mind, two cops are watching the thing on a screen in their police cruiser.



I’ll have a new frame up around 11:00 pm Central time. And yeah, it’s going to be an easy one.


Sorry I’m late. Here is your new frame.



Atomic Blonde.


This was my first thought too and I’ve only seen the trailers, that color grading is very distinct.


You’ve got it, Soren. It is Atomic Blonde. I’ll post the other frames when I get home.

The 40:40

The 60:60

The 80:80

The 100:100


Alrighty then. This’ll be over quickly, one way or the other. The new 20:20




It is Tetsuo: The Iton Man.

The 60:60

Bonus shot, because drill cock:

over to you @BellaConfusione


Hey that’s where I got my QT3/FB/Twitter wallpaper from! Is the movie any good?

The Dude's Wallpaper!



Those frames are creepy. I feel like Tom is making me play some obscure Cthulhu board game all of a sudden.



It’s an abstract, low-fi cyberpunk horror classic. So definitely, for a given value of person. I’d put the @Kelly_Wand value at close to a 100%. The @ChristienMurawski value? Not so much.

Here’s clip that will either sell you or completely turn you off:


Given the last set of frames I posted, I see your point. It is good to know where my GVoP (Given Value of Person) is being set, though.