Come, let us tell sad stories of the deaths of hard drives

If it’s from 2008ish, I’d imagine it’s a standard SATA drive in the enclosure. You could pull it out and connect it directly in a PC or to a SATA USB adapter. Might be dead for realz though.

Right, cool. I’ll pop her open and see what’s what in there.

What’s a good utility for transferring several TB from location A to location B, over a slowish network connection? Been using TeraCopy, which is an app I normally love, but some UI features obtuse to me, and are making it challenging to monitor how well things are actually going.

I haven’t read the whole thread, but I hope someone mentioned Spinrite at some point.

Found a nifty little open source recovery utility called TestDisk tonight, while working on some old drives. It’s all command-line, which might be a turn-off, but it works really well.