Come taste the man meat


that is one ugly spiderman! :shock:

Sinner do you always have to post about eating?

Why do you taunt me! WHY DO YOU SHOW ME A MAN DRESSED AS AN ICE CREAM SANDWICH? Will I eat the man? It is a mystery.

Statement by Wumpus:

“I think it’s seriously unlikely you will ever see Sinner on a messageboard that Chet has full control over. Remember the blood feud?”

Reply from Chet:

“Wumpus I do not have full control over these boards. I am a user just like you. We host over 75 web sites, I don’t play or check with any of their data. The only thing I have done here is setup the message board and a week ago check some code changes they did as I was going to suggest a change to all our customers who use phpbb2 (their code is sloppy and wastes bandwidth like crazy, I have a simple fix for it). I just wanted to check the code changes”

Given that he has no other basis on which to claim knowledge who posted the photos avove than “checking with any of their data,” which he claims not to do, I suppose the remarks by Chet above regarding the return of Sinner are full o’ silly nonsense. After all, Sinner’s claim to fame certainly wasn’t posting photos of Spider-Man

Get a lifey-poo, Chetfuck!

More mask, less costume!!

hey, Chet… since I’m running a nuke port of phpBB2… how about pointing me to your fix please? Thanks.

Anyone who honestly thought that Chet didn’t have the means to look up IP addresses on this board is a fool.

Other than getting (randomly?) chided for occasionally posting as Guest from work, which I always do because I don’t want to screw up my new message retrieval when I get home… I don’t care, as long as we have a place to post.

"Anyone who honestly thought that Chet didn’t have the means to look up IP addresses on this board is a fool. "

I knew he had the means. Of fuckin’ course.

However, he bent over backwards to deny that he would do so, claiming that this is a separate message board, non affiliated with his own domain, whose sanctity he was respecting, in order to join us side by side as a casual fellow user of the board.

That’s what I find screamin’ly funny. He can’t seem to hold his poses very long. Suddenly when it suits his whims, he’s become Big Brother snooping out IP addresses and attempting to lord his secret knowledge of our naughty activities over the rest of us.

What a wanker.

WTF are you talking about?

I didn’t check any IPs, I made a guess over who posted, a joke. I made a fat joke. I didn’t look up the IPs. But thanks for playing. Guess my joke was right? But now you are insisting that post was by sinner? Or are you guessing?

Stupidity and insanity always confuse me and you kids seem to have bucketloads of it.


Chet has guessed before that anonymous posters were Sinner. Other people have too. None of these “Guests” have complained. I guess they guessed wrong those other times.

Unless Mark or Tom update him on the admin password for the board (I would think that they would change it after he made any changes to the forums), he doesn’t have an easy way of finding out the IP of a post. phpBB encodes all passwords with MD5, a one-way hash. He wouldn’t be able to root the MySQL database and look up the admin password. He’d have to look at the time of the post and sift through the HTTP access logs to find the IP. Plus he would have had to have remembered Sinner’s IP from before, and that’s assuming it’s static.

I agree with Chet’s verdict of insanity.

That’s okay, I don’t really mind being called crazy by someone who would voluntarily live in Texas.

I’ve forgotten the password. It moderates itself. It’s a runaway board!!!

Wow, it really is sinner.

This makes me realize just how little I’ve missed the Chet/Sinner frag fests.

Was that pic from the recent San Diego comic con? I haven’t been there in ages.

There’s the ice cream sandwich guy, but the guy next to him…is he supposed to be a D&D beholder, or one of those floating demons from DOOM?

Han Solo in carbonite and a Death Star.