Comedy Podcasts?

Tempted. It’s under a 2 hour drive, and my dad lives nearby.

PFT guests on the latest Beef and Dairy Network, for those of you not already listening.

If you live in a small Midwest town, or have roots in one, try the Bellied Up podcast.

I have what seems like 13 million second cousins & such in that arc of Michigan, Wisconsin & Ohio, with a few daredevils who have spread into Minnesota, Iowa, central Illinois, and southern Indiana (zero in Chicago, Indianapolis, etc.). So when people call in to ask for advice or the unwritten rules of living in the Midwest, I’m dying from laughter. Even our branch of the family in California is guilty of the Midwest Goodbye. It seriously takes at least 90 minutes to get out of someone’s house once you say you’re going to leave. Drives my wife nuts, but she’s learned to just tell me it’s time to head home about two hours before she actually expects to leave.

Not technically a podcast, as Watto was at pains to point out at the start of the episode, but I was amused to see the latest George Lucas Talk Show was attended by… George Lucas (or at least a remarkable facsimile)


Also, Superego and Wild Horses? Sign me up!

Ooh. Thanks for the heads up. Live streaming ticket purchased.

Not too surprising, but with the demise of Stitcher, The Neighbourhood Listen is moving to CBB World (I think only “special” episodes are going to be behind the paywall, but it’s not entirely clear). As are the back catalogues of Womp It Up, Going Deep and The Gino Lombardo Show.