Comet McNaught

Unfortunately with all the crazy weather and other nuttiness managed to miss out on one of the most spectacular comets in some time. Back when it was first projected to get bright I went out to look for it but couldn’t find it too well at dusk and gave up. A week or so later you could freakin’ see it during the day but we were always overcast or worst. Now it’s circled around the sun and plainly visible in the southern hemisphere with its huge fan-like tail - so big in fact you can actually still see the tail in the northern hemisphere.

Edit: Forgot to give props to the page with an awesome gallery from start to current, at

— Alan

so you’re telling me, if it werent for these damn clouds, i could climb mt. bonnell and see this right !@#$ing now?

edit: oh. noticed you said southern hemisphere. dammit.

Nah not anymore - I think I tried on either the 8th or 9th (not from Bonnell) on this little overlook on Great Hills Trail where the view should have been perfect.

Right around the time it was getting really cold was when it would have been most visible but closer to the horizon but yeah we should have been able to see it very plainly.

— Alan