Comet Neowise

Yeah, same thing here last night. I think the best time to look as when twilight is just about gone. When the sky it’s fully dark, it’s too late. At least that’s how it was for me.

No luck for us. Blue skies all day and then the clouds rolled in at sunset. Will keep trying.

I didn’t see in any of the articles why this needed to be done within an hour of sunset. Is it going below the horizon or something?

Yes, it is only 20-30° above the sun at sunset, so any more than an hour after sunset and it falls below the horizon

This image over Stonehenge is pretty cool:

I forget, does that mean Romans are invading? Or Normans?

I believe it means aliens are invading. Probably triffids.

Ruh roh. time to cut interest rates again…

I’ve been practicing killing those things in Minecraft Dungeons.

How do you get salt water in Minecraft.

Oooh is that a spoiler?

Heh, none of that, so had to stick with hammers and such.

Saw it just barely in the suburbs. I couldn’t see a trail.

After a few days where the only evening clouds were right on the northwestern horizon, of course, caught a break last night. Pretty sure we were still looking through some high thin clouds, but the comet jumped right out at us in the Canon 10x30 binoculars.

Binoculars definitely required, at least under our suburban viewing conditions. Plus, magnified 10 times, it really is an impressive tail.

If we get good weather tonight, might try to bring the tripod & camera.

Beautiful weather tonight. Did not have a remote shutter trigger, so most pics wound up with blur from camera movement. The trees were lit by parking lot floodlights. A darker place would be better, but the comet is bright enough that a longer drive wasn’t necessary.

Ooooh! Nice shot. Wish I could get one that steady.

Wish I could get a night without clouds at all.

Couldn’t you have just used a timer?

Probably. We didn’t realize how bad the camera shake problem was until we got home and looked at the photos on the computer monitor. Rookie astrophotography mistake.

I went out last night with my binoculars. What I didn’t realize until I raised it to my eyes was that the right eyepiece had fallen out earlier in the day. I tried scanning for it with just my eyes but was not successful.

I drove 25 miles north of town but the light pollution was still enough to black out everything without about 10 degrees of the horizon. I might have to drive a few hours one way today to get a shot of it.