Comic Book Thursday 9/10/09- Issue #3 (Damn you labor day!)

Interesting Books This Week

Dunno, I’m only picking up Wednesday Comics #10 and Unwritten #5 this week which both continue to be great.
But other books that look good are:
Green Lantern Corps #40 (Blackest Night continues!)
Blackest Night Batman #2 (Darkest Knight continues! Also GHOSTBUSTERS!)
Adventure Comics #2 (You better get your Geoff Johns and Francis Manapul fix while you can because they’re going to move a brand new ongoing Flash soon!)
Kickass #7 (shouldn’t we be at 17?)
Marvels Project #2 (I will need to read this eventually, it sounds SO good)
Dead Space: Extraction (I’m not a fan of Dead Space but I need to give it more time. However these Dead Space comics are great, because they put some A list talent on them. And not the kind of A-list talent that do it for a paycheck either)
Nomad: Girl Without A World (McKeever is good at this sort of thing)

I posted the images and picked up my books. In addition to the two I knew I was getting beforehand, I also grabbed Days Missing #1.

Read my books.
Unwritten was sublime. Fantastic one-shot story.
Wednesday is finishing up and it’s totally clear which strips worked and which didn’t. My anticipation rises for the last two issues. At least it’ll help me clear out my wallet.
Days Missing #1 was very interesting even if I felt it would be better as a series of short stories than a comic. This sort of thing is better in issues than in trade so I’ll pick up future issues if I can.