Comic Book Wednesday 12/16/09- #1's by Mark Waid, Eric Powell, and Alan Moore (sorta)

Interesting Books This Week
Incorruptible #1- I just got the first (and so far only) trade of Irredeemable today and it was fantastic. This is a bit of a spinoff in the same universe as that book. The Plutonian’s actions seemed to have caused a supervillain to reform. Interesting.
Chimichanga #1- Eric Powell’s first creator owned book since The Goon. An all ages book. Should be great.
Dodgem Logic Magazine #1- Looks like Moore has created a nice little magazine with a mix of A-list and local writers and artists. Pretty cheap too considering you get a free CD with it. And yes the CD includes Alan singing.

For the rest of the week’s comics (and a great way to manage your pulls for the week) go here and report back.

I picked up Dodgem Logic in the UK. It’s totally an old-skool zine with modern production sensibilities. Haven’t actually read it all yet, but there’s some fun stuff in there. The image of alien sex by Kevin McNeil is frankly astounding.


I picked up Power Girl this week. Great issue.

This week’s Amazing Spider-Man, #615, is excellent. The creative team is Javier Pulido and Fred Van Lente. The issue is just a pitch-perfect Spider-Man adventure. Van Lente and Pulido combine strengths as creators as well as Marcos Martin and Mark Waid did earlier this year.

Thanks for the tip on Incorruptible/Irredeemable. Great stuff.

Incorruptible left me a little cold, but I’ll give it a few more issues. Irredeemable didn’t really start working for me until its third, as I recall.

I think Irredeemable had from the first issue. Actually it probably had me around page 4.

Yeah, I dunno. I’ve read so many many “What if Superman was evil?” books, I couldn’t get into Irredeemable until I was convinced it was doing something special with that.

(I think the last book I read that hooked me at the first issue was… Incognito, I think? Beasts of Burden, maybe, I can’t remember which I read first.)

Incognito was first. Chew hooked me from the first issue.

Oh, yeah, Chew had a really good first issue. Can’t believe I forgot that one!

Yeah, very good issue! All the elements were there. I also always appreciate it when a writer remembers that Spiderman is supposed to be something of a science nerd IN costume as well as out.

Yes, Spidey using SCIENCE! against the Sandman was well-appreciated.

I also loved his “cold weather” variant costume. I want an action figure of it, even.