Comic Book Wednesdays 8/12/09- Issue #19 (Ultimate and Adventure Comics Relaunch!)

All general comic talk is welcome as is all weekly stuff. Just spoiler stuff until after it is released (not all of us read solicits).

Nawid A.'s Picks of the Week (of which he is pulling none of these new issue one books because he is a unemployed college student and these books are all fucking $4 and he’s pissed and still talking in the 3rd person about himself because he knows they’ll all be quality reads)

Adventure Comics #1- Geoff Johns. Superboy. Puberty.
Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #1- Bendis. LaFuente. Puberty.
Ultimate Comics Avengers #1- Millar. Puberty?

Nawid A’s Trade of the Week

Invincible Vol. 11 is also out this week.

For the rest of the week’s comics (and a great way to manage your pulls for the week) go here and report back.

This is a good site for making your own checklist too:

I’m passing on the Ultimate stuff for now - I’ll likely pick up Millar’s Ultimate Avengers in trade, however, since Ultimates was so great. I was ultimately a bit disappointed with Ultimate Spidey - it was too light and fluffy and stretched the material, although I otherwise love Bendis. I just think the Ultimate universe devolved into absurdity pretty quickly and don’t really want to support it – I’d be much happier if Millar, for instance, stayed on Fantastic Four with Hitch for several more years.

Also going to pick up Walking Dead trade.

Deadpool #13
Uncanny X-Men #514
X-Men Forever #5

I’ve been quite enjoying Wednesday Comics, but I’m an art > writing sort of comics fan.

Wednesday Comics has been a mixed bag. I don’t regret buying it and will continue to buy it until it finishes.
It’s nice having something there every Wednesday. Especially since ever since Wednesday started all my comics have been getting delays.
$4 is a bit much but I understand it. It’s not going to seem so pricey if they do it again next year. And it’s not a bad value. I spend about 3x as much time as other normal sized comics reading it.

Batman was amazing the first week (one of the best comic book pages I’ve ever seen) but I feel it’s been getting weaker since then. But I think Azzarello will have a good ending for it.
Kamandi is probably the star. It’s just so fun, and it’s fucking gorgeous. Gets exactly the right amount of story and artwork in.
Superman is crap and it’s shame its the one most people are going to see because of the USA Today thing. The art is totally mismatched with a story that doesn’t show what Superman is about at all.
Green Lantern has good looking art but I don’t Busiek is working the format very well. A bit of a dissapointment.
Hawkman is great. I heard Kyle Baker finished this in a very short period of time, which is unbelievable.
Deadman is fun but I hope it goes back to solving the mystery soon. Really great art. I like this strip quite a bit.
Metamorpho is really, really fun. Really puts me in another time period. The Allreds are amazing.
Amanda Conner’s art in Supergirl is great but for 5 weeks I’ve been watching Supergirl chase pets. It’s not really exciting.
Sgt. Rock is probably the most disappointing strip to me. It’s been 5 weeks and so far I feel they could’ve got to this point in one page. It’s the same thing over and over and over.
The writing in Teen Titans is okay but I feel Galloway’s art is out of place in this book. Really out of place.
Strange Adventures is maybe my favorite strip. Pope has this pulpy style that you don’t see anywhere else that completely sets up the world quickly.
Metal Men is okay. Great art with the story servicing it. Not really something that would push someone into reading comics.
I have a theory about Wonder Woman. It would be great if it was 52 week thing and he would break it up into fifths and make the story readable.
The Flash is a lot of fun even if having a time travel story in this format is insane.
I don’t what the hell is going in Demon and Catwoman but it ain’t bad looking.

The only strips in Wednesday Comics I don’t care for are Teen Titans, Superman, and Wonder Woman. I feel the other successes are so successful that it’s worth price of admission. For every other strip there’s something about either the art or concept that I really like.

Yeah, but what’s that, like, six issues for them?

Oh snap!

Millar is better off with Ultimate Avengers and Hitch is better off on Reborn.

Is that Adventure Comics anything like the Ultimate line of Marvel?

I don’t read DC stuff but something like that would be nice.


DC’s All-Star line was kinda supposed to be like that. It kicked off with the biggest names in comics and as a result they were all delayed ridiculously. You should check it out All-Star Superman though (it’s done). Maybe the greatest Superman stories ever (well I only read the first half since the second is slow to get in trade paperbacks).


They actually produced the book monthly (or close to it, at least) for their Fantastic Four run, which is pretty amazing after what happened on Ultimates.

I mostly stick to trades so I’m not up on the latest. Is the new Ultimate stuff a full reboot starting from scratch, or is it just restarting at number 1 using the same characters that already existed in the Ultimate Universe?

It’s just restarting from #1. The point is that the old Ultimate Universe kind of died in Ultimatum. I think it’s a good idea. I just wish they were reasonably priced.