Comic Book Wednesdays 9/2/09- Issue #2 (Big indie week!)

Interesting Books This Week

Sweet Tooth #1- The newest $1 Vertigo #1 and it looks to be the best. Jeff Lemire is an amazing creator and I can’t wait to see what he does with his own ongoing. I’m calling it guys, this is going to be THE big Vertigo book.

Wednesday Comics #9 (of 12)- The final stretch of this beautiful experiment.

Incognito #6 (of 6)- The big finale! So excited!

Chew #4- Chew gets cosmic. Get this book.

Jersey Gods #7- I thought the first arc was decent but ultimately it was just setup for what’s going to happen. And then #6 came out and totally proved me right. And it was awesome. If all the issues are like this from now, it’s going to be amazing.

Resurrection Vol. 2 #3- I really enjoyed the last issue. If only this one didn’t get delayed a goddamn month.

Proof #23- The Julia arc concludes.

Strange Tales #1 (of 3)- One of the craziest Marvel comics I’ve seen. Just take a look at the very least.

For the rest of the week’s comics (and a great way to manage your pulls for the week) go here and report back.

What, no cover shots?

solely getting last week’s Fantastic Four 570.

But Deadpool is introspective!

Nah, too much time, and that format restricted me to picking only a few titles to show. Leave that to the Neogaf kids or the link underneath my OP.

Qt3’s good about reading anyway.

Awww… I usually click on these threads just to see the cover art, whether I’m getting comics or not.

Jeez, I didn’t think people would notice. Alright, they return next week!

I second this! I’ve mostly stopped reading comics but I still love to gaze upon their covers.

Yeah, got it after all.

So, I’m a bit low on cash so I only picked up 3 titles from pull list yesterday.
Incognito- Awesome.
Chew- Awesome.
Sweet Tooth- Awesome.

I guess it’s too late to jump into Incognito but definitely pick up the trade.
Get Chew #1-4 immediately. There’s reprints of all of them every month.
Definitely pick up the #1 of Sweet Tooth. It’s only a $1 and it’s great. I advise you though, don’t look at any online previews. It previews the last 6 pages or so.

Nawid, you should start a blog or something. Every time I go to a comic store I’m overwhelmed with the countless titles of generic suck and end up not buying anything. You seem to have a knack for finding the interesting titles, or at least for seeing the best parts about so so titles. I’m sure other potential comic buyers out there would benefit.

Well, I got into comics about 2 years ago with a couple trades (Watchmen and DKR) and going to iFanboy and especially watching their video podcasts. The video podcasts are on a temporary hiatus after their massive San Diego stuff but I think anyone trying to find good titles should check out their site.

As of right now, I just started college (though I’m taking a couple units less than normal due to shitty budget cuts) and am looking for a job plus I’ve been plotting a comic book in my head and need to put it on paper soon. But maybe after I find myself a job, I’ll start a website. But the job part? Super important. Because I’m about to throw my equivalent of a piggy bank into a Coinstar to get the rest of my pulls this week.

Did anyone here pick up Strange Tales? I need to eventually grab it (maybe in trade form) as it looks too cool to pass up.

I had problems finding the new Strange Tales so I’m reading the old one from the 60’s. Christ, those Human Torch stories are terrible!

Yeah, they were by far the worst comic Marvel produced at the time. The Antman/Giantman stuff in Tales to Astonish was were also horrible. Really show how much of an impact the artist had on the books, since they were all written by Stan (although not some of the scripting in some ST)

I just read the first few pages of Ultimate Comics Spider Man 2 - which I assume replaces the original Ultimate Spider man. Does anyone else loath the anime style art in this? I don’t recognize anyone anymore, and I wish Peter would get a fucking hair cut already. Gah. Keep that shit in Spider Man Manga. sigh

It’s horribly ugly.

Yeah, I’ve never really liked any of the artists who did ultimate spider-man, but grew to accept Bagley’s cartoonish style because he was so associated with the title and Marvel was aiming for something more accessible and less grim looking…but Immonen was an even worse step in that direction, and this new guy just makes the book unreadable.

Thankfully Ultimatum came along to make me feel like I wasn’t missing anything anymore by ignoring the Ultimate stuff. Still may get Millar’s Avengers in TPB though - figure he deserves a Get out of Jail Free card for the Ultimates.

Wha? Immonen is awesome.

I really like reading comics, but I’ve never been able to get into the superhero stuff. I’ve stuck mainly with the Vertigo prints, DMZ, Lucifer and the Sandman based comics, Preacher, Fables that kind of thing. Whenever I read the superhero stuff, I always felt I was missing out on the sly fan service winks to past occurances and things like that. Plus I’ve tired reading some dire things, some Spiderman and X-Men runs that I can’t remember the name of but were horrendous.

Where should I start looking?