Comic Books via Snail Mail

I went to my local comic shop after not buying a new comic for over 6 months due to Real Life getting in the way… and the store closed down. This keeps happening to me! Whenever I find a comic store that appears like it has been there for a long time and is relatively stable, it shuts down!

Is anyone aware of ordering comic books online and receiving them via snail mail?

Kind of like Netflix, but instead of renting DVDs, your buy the comics?

i bought 6 month’s worth of “route 666” comics at a time from them twice and they were mailed to me without incident., at least for back issues. I’m not sure how it works out finances-wise for new stuff (although they certainly carry them).

A little necromancy never hurts the living…

Now that I’m in rural Maine, I’m really cut off from the comic book stores that were so wonderfully common in Boston. Are the suggestions above the best options for getting singles? I’ve been mostly getting the collections from Amazon, but with the new Phonogram coming out, I think I might like to order the singles first…

I can second Bill’s recommendation of I don’t know how they are for keeping up with regular subscriptions, but they were great for finding some more obscure issues to round out bits of my collection, at least.

This is the online store for Lone Star Comics, which has about 8 locations in the Metroplex. These guys have a serious commitment to back issues and a huge ordering base.

That said, I buy new stuff from Keith’s Comics because I always root for the underdog. I shop in the store (it’s a bitch being a condition freak), but if you want to do mail-order, Keith’s does them as pre-orders for 30% off cover price.

Comics are much much cheaper if you pre-order when they’re 1st solicited (about 2 months before shipping). I’ve used for a while, and they’ve been great.

For my monthly new comics fix, I’ve been a member of the Mile High Comics N.I.C.E. Club since 1990. I have been very satisfied by their services and I recommend them.