Comic rule number 1: No one stays dead

In case you haven’t heard:

Gwen Stacy didn’t die.

now for the 5 or 6 million of us die hard spidey fans, the death Gwen Stacy was the most significant and defining moment of the Spiderman character

(sorry, couldn’t find the english version on the web)

Yes people come back all the time in comics. However like bucky, Gwen’s death has been permanet. The main reason has been the character in life was pretty uninteresting and only in death, did it become significant.

JMS is brining Gwen back. Turns out that… wait for it… her CLONE died.


Spider-Man is so distraught that he’s spouting gibberish! Those aren’t even words! ;-)

I was all for bringing Hal Jordan back if it’s done right, because his downfall was poorly written and out of character.

But Gwen Stacy’s death was a defining moment in the Spider-Man mythos, and there’s no good reason to undo that. It’ll sell comics, sure, but in the long run it may send some readers packing as well. At today’s comic prices, it doesn’t take much to make you think it’s time to move on…

I didn’t think Hal Jordan becoming Parallax was out of character but it was poorly written. I wouldn’t mind them undoing that but I don’t want to see him back as a GL.

Don’t blame comics, Conan-Doyle started this when he brought Sherlock Holmes back from the dead.

That’s wrong in so many ways. I don’t know, it seems JMS can’t hold things together for that long.
Including comic-book Swedish.

Greek Mythology did this too. I doubt they’re the ones that started it, either. Didn’t Gilgamesh enter the land of the dead to bring back Enkidu?

My life seems so much less complicated by sticking with the Ultimates line and generally ignoring the outside continuum.

Clones are so … meh.

Greek Mythology did this too. I doubt they’re the ones that started it, either. Didn’t Gilgamesh enter the land of the dead to bring back Enkidu?[/quote]

Yeah, but he’s not Greek.

Orpheus, though, did try to bring back his dead wife. He failed, of course.


Wow. I thought it was bad when it was revealed that the clone threw Spiderman down the chimney and we’d been following his exploits for years. Or however that nonsense played out eventually

Yeah that JMS guy, he’s a master.

— Alan

Oh my… that frame of Spiderman holding the girl has some of the worst dialogue I’ve ever seen. And by worst, I mean it has grammatically suspect sentencing that seems like they just ran the english script through babelfish, and then handed it to a 13-year old intern to proof-read and fill in the blanks. It is so unbelievably bad that Spiderman’s supposed tragedy comes through as a farce.

In the English version of that comic, did the dialogue make you cringe and smirk at the same time?

Well, it was written by Stan Lee…

I suppose now that we are talking about odd translations I can link these Spidey comics that I found while playing with the LiveJournal image grabber script:

[Geek alert]
There was Alcestis, though, whom Hercules brought back from Hades after she died in place of Admetus.
[/Geek alert]


A clone? They didn’t learn how much people hate clones last time sales of Spider-Man dropped?

Yeah. Give me the Ultimate Spidey Gwen any day.

Man, that’s so awful. They’ve now completed the process of ruining the best Spider-man story of all time – bringing back the Green Goblin, who was also killed in that story and remained dead for 25 or so years, ensured that I’d never read that book again.

I just despise it when comics do that. I used to think only lame DC comics did that, but Marvel is at least as bad. Bringing back the Phoenix was truly terrible too

Looking up from his Marvel Masterworks and Essential Collections Bub asks,
“Hey, what are you guys talking about?”

JMS can produce some truely wonderful stories, but he’s not above making some horrible blunders as well. For example, there was the B5: Legend of the Rangers pilot and it’s “The Shadows? Bah, they’re nothing compared to … THE HAND!”.

I think Ultimate Peter Parker, Ultimate Mary Jane, and Ultimate Gwen Stacy are going to have a threesome. I mean, come on, Michael “Monkey Porn” Bendis is writing Ultimate Spiderman. You know he is working on it. :D

Well, we should of all seen that Phoenix was coming back. After all, its Phoenix, duh!

I know what you mean but Jean’s suicide never made much sense in xmen 137.