Comic Suggestions?

Well, it should only be grabbed if you really like great, different comics, not just Ellis in particular. Otherwise, you’re correct.

Veitch wanted Swamp Thing to meet Jesus Christ and the cover image was a crucified Swamp Thing. The image used to be online, not sure if you can still find it.

Also, Doug Wheeler was Veitch’s replacement on the book. Mark Millar’s run didn’t start until issue 140 and the first few were co-written with Grant Morrison.

Yeah, my bad, kinda burned out of my brain the fact Wheeler replaced Veitch. Comic Buyer’s Guide also ran some of the artwork for the original issue, it was some great work by Michael Zulli. Basically Swampy was gone to be in the form of the grail from which Jesus drank from what I recall, but then again I’ve already proven that my memory is spotty on the exact details… :oops:

Astro City and Resurrection are good, somewhat dark, titles.

Hitman is fantastic, however, if you can find it. The series ended about a year ago. Written by Ennis (Preacher).

Astro City is the best ongoing thing going in comics. Only, it isn’t quite ongoing enough.