Comics 09/01/05

Here’s my pull list for the week:

Astonishing X-men #12
Body Bags #2
ExMachina #14
Runaways #7
The Grimoire #5
Silent Dragon #2
Emily the Strange #1 (Two Pages of Stickers was the tipping point)
Seven Soldiers: Shining Knight #4
Robin #141
New Thunderbolts #11 (House of M edition)
Death Jr. #3
Daredevil: Father (Daredevil shaped like Macho Man Savage is cool)
New Avengers #9
Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon Vol. 1 (free sword was the tipping point)
Astro City: Dark Age #3
Top Ten #1 (the new series that I can’t remember)

Is it, like, physically impossible for an Astro City title to be bad? All the stuff I’ve read of theirs is just gold.

Just wait 'til Kurt Busiek somehow loses control of it and someone else is brought in, ala Top Ten (though he didn’t so much lose control of it as give it up).

Detective #811
Fell #1

Legion of Superheroes #8 & #9
Gotham Central #35
Villains United #5

Last three issues of Legion ( the only that I’ve bought ) have been excellent.

What is the deal with Top Ten? Is Moore no longer writing it? (and wasn’t it supposed to be a limited series?)

The way I understand it, America’s Best Comics was launched by Wildstorm, and had Moore signed to do a whole lot of stuff. Unfortunately, just as they began, Wildstorm was bought by DC, which Moore had vowed never to work with again (or something like that, any way). At first he went along with it, as long as he didn’t have any contact with any DC people, but apparently he flipped out about something and gave it up.
This is third-hand information at best, though.

One of the DC execs said Moore was “absolutely thrilled” or some such stuff about V for Vendetta being made into a movie… which, considering the theatrical treatment of Moore’s other work, was obviously not the case. He flipped.

Here’s what Alan Moore’s beef with DC is all about.

As an aside, if you haven’t bought the hardcover Forty-Niner’s Top Ten novel, do so. Moore, for all his craziness, is still the best writer in the business.

The new Top Ten isn’t bad. It’s a #1 so there’s some time spent setting things up, and I needed some time to get used to the new artwork for old characters. I liked the big burly Smax and the much less skanky looking Toybox from the original series.

It seems to me the new one is completely lacking in subtlety. The teams are all paired up like it’s a sitcom, so I expect several excruciatingly unfunny jokes in the coming issues.