Comics for 7/27/05

EDIT: Sorry about that. I originally posted next week’s releases instead. Grabbing the list from a different site this week, it didn’t occur to me that from the time I googled it last night to the time I copied and pasted the list today, they updated it for next week’s upcoming releases. I’d planned to include a bunch of stuff other than the DC and Marvel books this week and thought I’d found a good listing based on what I had incorrectly posted. When I went back and found the actual listing for this week’s releases, it was stupidly long. So, just Marvel and DC again this week. Let me know if you guys don’t really care about lists and would rather just discuss what we actually get each week. If you don’t even want to discuss that, you’re out of luck because I’m going to keep posting about what I read, but if the lists aren’t really important to anyone, I’ll drop them.

Marvel[ul] Amazing Spider-Man #522
Avengers West Coast Vision Quest TPB
Black Panther #6
Combat Zone True Tales Of Gis In Iraq Vol 1 TPB
Daredevil Vs Punisher #2
Essential Spider-Man Vol 4 TPB New Printing
Essential Wolverine Vol 1 TPB New Printing
Exiles Vol 10 Age Of Apocalypse TPB
Fantastic Four #529
Giant Size Spider-Woman #1
Hercules #5
House Of M Excalibur Prelude TPB
Hulk Destruction #1
Machine Teen #3
Marvel Heroes Flip Magazine #2
Marvel Select Flip Magazine #2
New X-Men #16
New X-Men Hellions #3
Nightcrawler #8
Official Handbook Marvel Universe Avengers 2005
Pulse #10
Pulse House Of M Special Ed #1
Runaways #6
Secret Wars TPB New Printing
Spellbinders #5
Spider-Man Human Torch Im With Stupid Digest TPB
Ultimate Spider-Man Vol 13 Hobgoblin TPB
X-Men #173[/ul]DC[ul]Albion #2
Astro City The Dark Age #2
Batman Dark Detective #6
Cartoon Network Block Party #11
Catwoman #45
City Of Tomorrow #4
Doom Patrol #14
Flash #224
Hellblazer #210
JLA Classified #10
JLA Cyberforce
Kinetic TPB
Legion Of Super Heroes #8
Losers #26
Neil Gaimans Neverwhere #2
Nightwing Year One TPB
Omac Project #4
Otherworld #5
Outsiders #26
Promethea Book 5 HC
Sgt Rock Archives Vol 3 HC
Silent Dragon #1
Superman Batman #21
Teen Titans Go #21
Tenryu The Dragon Cycle Vol 2
Wonder Woman #219
Year One Batman Ras Al Ghul #2[/ul]

Those are next week’s comics, not this week’s.

Astro City: Dark Age 2 is out, pick it up.

Lists are fine.

Nothing that catches my eye here.

Actually, the Sacrifice storyline (ending in Wonder Woman) was pretty nifty. At least, the end was. I’m not sure how I feel about the lead up (which took place in the 3 Superman titles in the previous 3 weeks).

Slow week for me as I try to curb spending until I know for sure when I’ll see a paycheck. I’m just getting titles I’m already into right now instead of checking out new stuff, and this week, that means only Superman/Batman. Luckily my CoH subscription is paid up and I can throw myself full time into that. Ah, the mixed blessing of unemployment.

Superman Batman 21

I’ve been with this since issue 1, and it’s nice to have McGuinness back for this run. He’s got style, anatomy be damned. And yeah, lots of his characters look alike, but so doe lots of everyone’s characters. The ones that don’t, like Hitch’s Ultimates, apparently can’t be drawn on a monthly schedule. So give me McGuinness over Michael Turner any day. I thought Turner was a pretty good fit when he first started his run on this, but I just couldn’t deal with the weird jaws and identical characters (especially women) as well as I thought I could.

So anyway, our Ultimates clones, the Maximums, have come for revenge after Superman and Batman apparently killed their Giant Man last month. Good riddance, no one likes Giant Man. There’s not really any reason beyond novelty for these guys to be imitations of the Ultimates, they could just as well be made up villians or copies of Marvel’s 616 Avengers, but I guess maybe the New Avengers aren’t as well established at this point. There’s nothing terribly clever or novel about these versions of Marvel’s characters, but they’re suitably fun and exaggerated to fit with McGuiness’s style. Meanwhile, “Batzarro” is up to good, or no good, or both. Loeb had the funny idea to have Batzarro speak all his thoughts, so we get the exact same text twice with everything he does. Funny enough, but it doesn’t exactly get funnier with repetition. It’s not as frustrating as the way he says everything in opposites though. After reading through the issue, I jumped back here to Qt3 and my brain tried to reverse the text of the next few posts I read.

Superman/Batman seems exempt from serious ties to any of the Crisis build-up at the moment. I don’t have any problem with the crisis related stories in particular, but it’s nice to know I won’t have to jump between four different titles to see where this leads. With not much else to go on, I’m content with that and McGuinness’s art. And Loeb’s inoffensive writing I guess. He’s not one of my favorites, but he’ll do.

Machine Teen #3

What the fuck is this? Tell me it’s not Machine Man in a Dawson’s Creek-esque angsty high schooler. “Oh, I hope the monolith asks me to the prom!”

Promethea Volume 5 Hardcover

Ha ha, hardcover. As if. I’ll wait a couple months, then own the entire collection of one of the coolest fucking comics ever.

Machine Teen is … weird. I intially thought the same thing you did, but it’s taken a different turn. It really shifted gears in #2.

I was at the comic shop doing my pulls for the week (pull on Thursday, buy on Friday … just tradition). A lady came in to pick up three of the Promethea Softcovers. She said pretty much the same thing you said. :)

And finally, my copy of “Alan Moore’s Writing For Comics” came in this week, so I’ll have it later today. Looking forward to reading it just to get some insight on Moore.

My pulls for this week:

Category Freaks (Gokurakuin Sakurako) Vol. 1
BOP! [More Box Office Poison]
Courtney Crumrin Tales - A Portrait of the Warlock as a young man
Gimoles #1
Imperial Dragons #1
Hero Squared #1
Nightcrawler #8
Godland #1
Runaways #6
Albion #2
City of Tomorrow! #4
Astro City - Dark Age #2
Silent Dragon #1
Superman / Batman #21
Black Panther #6
Machine Teen #3
Daredevil vs Punisher #2

I see history repeating itself; I’m buying more and more comics after restarting the hobby and telling myself that “I’ll just get a few books a month … nothing major.” I keep seeing stuff that looks interesting, so I pick it up. Previews is The Devil. :)

The art in Godland is reminds me of Jack Kirby and Jack Kirby reminds me of reading comics as a kid. Category Freaks is the first “real” manga book that I have ever ordered. I’m hoping I picked a decent one to start with.

This week I picked up:

Wonder Woman #219
JLA Classified #10
JSA Classified #1
Girls #1-3
Sea of Red #1-3 (Vampire Pirates? How could any self respecting geek say no?)
Battle Hymn #1-3
The Gift #11, 12

and most of the Seven Soldiers minis

I would have picked up the new issues of several other series (Runaways, Astro City, etc) but I’m still making my way through their respective trades.

Have you read this yet, Kevin? Curious what you thought about it.

I’m loving OMAC. Of course the enjoyment of OMAC 4 really hinges on whether you read the 4-part Sacrifice arc prior to it and I enjoyed Sacrifice a lot too.

I know a lot of people are up in arms about being “deceived” about the Sacrifice-OMAC tie in but I didn’t think it was that big of a deal. In fact, I’d say that the crossover did what it was supposd to and I’ll probably start picking up Wonder Woman and Adventures of Superman as long as Rucka is writing both books. I guess that makes me a willing slave to the DC machine.

No, it means you’re a willing slave to Greg Rucka. As it should be :D

I’m gonna stick with Albion, just because I trust Allen Moore, even as a “plotter” rather than a writer. But so far, it’s failed to pique my interest. It’s like someone said earlier, disjointed… I still fail to understand everything that’s going on.

I really liked the “dead robin” Gotham Central #33, hopefully I can get #34 soon. There’s no comic shop that I know of in Kitsap, so I have to order all my comics in packs from month to month to avoid extravagant shipping costs.

Flash: Rogue War is my current series at the moment. I had never picked up Flash until this, the culmination of Geoff Johns’ tenure, but I think I’ll stick with it even after he leaves, just in case the next writer maintains the same level of quality.

Originally Darwyn Cooke was going to have an arc after Johns but that’s been scrapped :(

I’m looking forward to getting into Flash since I like all of Johns’ other books (JSA in particular) but I want to start with the beginning of his run. Unfortunately the trade of his first arc, “Blood Will Run,” is out of print but hopefully I’ll be able to get it in the next few weeks. The rest of the TPBs are pretty easy to find.

I hear that! Now I know why Houngan’s been so Flash-happy. This is some great stuff. I almost regret reading what is obviously going to be a pivotal storyline before I read the 50 or so issues leading up to it…

Mini opinion pieces.

Albion # 2 - Two issues in, and Albion’s just not grabbing me. I know I’m missing out on the nostalgia angle that’s aimed at older UK comic fans since I’m totally unfamiliar with their characters, but I dunno. Brilliant visuals, but really ham-handed scripting.

Wonder Woman #219 -

[color=white]It wasn’t too hard to deduce that Wonder Woman was going to kill Max Lord in this one. I liked the brutal battle images leading up to that scene, and even the sudden ending on the final page. It’s a definite cliffhanger - you have one panel left to process what happened, and then bam, issue over.[/color]

Astro City #2 - It’s Astro City. What more needs to be said?

I’m a little disappointed in how Rogue’s War took the turn towards Flash/Zoom/Reverse Flash/Jay/Barry on the cosmic treadmill instead of the more interesting actual Rogue’s War.