Comics for 9/21/05

Figured I’d start this back up just in time for me to drop it again when I move in a couple weeks and probably have some internet-less time. I’m not going to bother with the lists of what’s released, you guys can find those on your own. Just use these threads as a place to discuss any and all comics you pick up each week that are worth mentioning.

Wolverine 32
Millar writes a simple but effective single-issue story about a German officer with aspirations of moving up the chain of command by taking over a “struggling” concentration camp in WWII. It’s struggling because its officers keep dying, because Wolverine is a prisoner there. It was a great little story right up until page 8, when Millar hits us with the most ridiculous, hamfisted, and out of place stab at the US’s current administration I’ve ever read. The officer fancies himself a scholar, and sits in his study writing:

I took no pleasure in our camps or our preemptive strikes, but recognized that it was necessary to fight this terror abroad just as we had done for the security of our homeland.

As I wrote in the Volkisher Beobachter, the Jews might have started this war when they brought down one of our finest buildings, but it’s the duty of all patriots to finish it.

Even the most cultured of men cannot be sentimental when his very nation is under threat.

Millar’s emphasis, not mine. Security of our homeland? They started it when they brought down our building? Yeah, ok, we get it. Whatever your feelings are, you should probably be offended at just how unabashedly Millar’s beating us over the head with his opinions. His last 12 issues didn’t exactly ooze subtlety, but they weren’t trying to make a statement about current politics either. And as for what Millar’s saying here, that the Bush Administration might as well be Nazi Germany, not only is that a pretty extreme stance to take, but it’s entirely out of place in this book. The Ultimates? It fits there, like it or not. The Ultimates are wrapped up in politics, and even if I don’t agree with Millar’s take (and I’m not saying I don’t, he’s actually been far less extreme in that title), at least it fits. Forcing an anti-Bush rant into a comic about Wolverine in World War 2 is probably the most absurd thing I’ve read since I picked up comics a couple years back. My respect for Millar has dropped a notch.

The New Avengers 10
Wraps up where things were headed with the Sentry with absolutely no surprises, unless you count what happens to Tony’s building. Good writing, little action, and the art is borderline-uncanny valley.

The Ultimates 2, issue 8
I’m just torturing myself reading this “monthly”. I know it’s going to be late, I know it’s going to be a much more satisfying read in TPB, but I pick it up anyway. This issue doesn’t directly answer anything, but it seems to me that

JSA Classified 3

Supergirl 2
…& A. I was reading these for the articles, I swear. Seriously, I was reading this because I’m interested in what’s up with Supergirl, and reading JSA Classified because it looked like it was going to be tied to what’s up with Power Girl, but it looks like that’s probably not going to be the case. I think the connection there was probably just another part of the Psycho Pirate’s plan, but maybe it will be more than that. Hard to say for sure, and even harder to know what to pick up in DC these days. I guess I’m not following every tidbit of news well enough to know when to expect big Crisis events and when not to, or I would’ve been following the stuff going on in Wonder Woman instead.

Unfortunately, nothing for me this week. I’m back at school, meaning I’m poor. Well, poorer than usual.

I did get ten boards&bags though for my books. Thats interesting, isn’t it? Why, I think so.

My Pull List from last week:

*The Silencers - Black Kiss TPB (I love The Silencers. The look, the colors, and the dialogue just work really well)
*Dead Men Tell No Tales #1
*Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Time - New Spring #2
Black Panther #8
*Top 10 - Beyond The Farthest Precinct #2
The Goon #14
Machine Teen #5 (of 5)
Daredevil - Father #3
Manhunter #14
Girls #5
GI Joe - Snake Eyes Declassified #2
The New Avengers #10
*The Golden Plates Vol. #2
Seven Soldiers - Mister Miracle #1
Runaways #8
Wraithborn #1 (Glow In The Dark Cover)
*Godland #3
Robin #142
*Rocketo #2
*Alan Moore’s The Courtyard TPB

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