Comics for 9/28/05

So… not to claim ownership of these series of threads, but I really felt like discussing this week’s purchases before I get to my next class.

The last issue of the OMAC Project was… anti-climactic. And… a little to convenient. I’ve never enjoy the miniseries that much anyways, and only stuck around because it seemed the series that best connected Countdown to the upcoming Infinite Crisis. In fact, I can’t help but feel insulted by the writer, “Yes this is deus ex machina, I can’t make it anymore obvious but I just don’t CARE”.

Legion of Superheroes though, quickly became my number one favorite, after Johns left The Flash. The idea of suicide bombers seems a little mature for a comic I once regarded as “too kiddy” in concept, but it really does serve to make the enemy all the more despicable and fearsome. As for the big shocker of this issue… eh… I doubt it will be permanent, even for the rest of Waid’s run.

Hey, no problem on starting the thread yourself. I work second shift now, so I pick up my comics on Wednesday but don’t get them read usually till tomorrow, so I’ll be back then with my own impressions of what I’ve got.

I agree that it was anti-climactic, but it was better than just obliterating them all. It was a little confusing with the cut to Titans Tower right before Batman flies in, I thought they had organized a “secret” 2nd group of heroes and were “fooling” brother eye.

Honestly, the OMAC mini has felt too rushed the entire time. The Checkmate women were far too similar in appearance, and I kept getting confused as to who was who. The OMACs, while having some cameos in other books, seemed to be awfully isolated for such a carefully thought out plan. Speaking of, did any hero actually KILL an OMAC before we learned that they were human? Will there be any fallout?

Given that there existed a prototype “pallet of DVD players” sized EMP device, how hard would it be for Batman & other geniuses to quickly modify the designs (which have to be in Kord Universal files somewhere) into a smaller, EMP gun type thing? Wouldn’t that more or less nullify the OMACs (or “this trick won’t work again” refer to EMP in general and not “draw them all to this obvious trap”)?

Speaking of, how is it that Max Lord is so brilliant that he can get his hooks into Superman’s mind, infiltrate more or less every organization on the planet, hack any computer anywhere, subvert the super secret project of Batman, know WHERE the EMP prototype is being delivered to, but he cannot manage to keep track of a) where the EMP is in transit or b) when it arrives?

Seriously. He knew it existed, and I suppose we’re asuming he poked Ted enough to get him to break into Checkmate HQ so he could kill him. He knew where it was going (but not from where?), and had no idea the path it would take or the time it would arrive? So he breaks into the warehouse and steals the kryptonite instead?


Actually, all of the IC lead-in minis have been a letdown, with the possible exception of Villians United. Even that has had some stupid moments (seriously, the Society can’t find a way to beat these six?). Cheshire’s turn was cookie-cutter stupid. Again, it feels rushed in parts (holy crap, they have Firestorm held captive as a giant power source! We’ll forget about that entirely next issue). It started out sounding like a better version of Marvel’s Identity Disc, then turned out to be not any better at all, and possibly worse (in relation to expectations). It had all the same elements. Traitor in the group? Check. “Captured” and has to fight out against overwhelming odds? Check. Mysterious puppet master with super-blackmail hooks into all the baddies? Check. If the timing was closer together, I’d almost expect DC (ABC) to accuse Marvel (Fox) of stealing it’s idea (Wife Swap) and rushing it to market first.

Given the amount of planning that went into this, I kind of wish they’d done 10 or 12 issue minis instead of 6 (even 8 would have been better). Do them bi-weekly, and have alternating art teams, or something. They’d already made the decision to make the minis “epic” in importance, so you can’t really narrow the stories to better fit in a 6 issue arc.

Rann-Thanagar seems like it fits better in the 6-issue window, but there’s still too much going on for someone not already familiar with the setting to readily grasp (too much quick-alliances, too many factions waiting to join the winning side or swoop in late and steal territory). It had minimal tie-ins, as well, which I think helps (you’re forced either to have meaning in a tie-in and risk confusing readers who don’t pick it up, or you’re wasting space in the tie-in and irritating readers who aren’t following the mini).

I honestly don’t care about Day of Vengance. The idea of Jean Loring becoming Eclipso (which Eclipso? The pseudo good guy from the JSA/Black Adam arc? The one from the annual-spanning gem-studded cover early 90s? Does anyone care?) is ludicrous to begin with (as is her “descent into madness”. She was perfectly fine, until it’s figured out that she killed Sue. Then she slips instantly into this “I don’t know I’m crazy, don’t you see I had a perfectly good reason for doing what I did?” fugue state, and ends up in Arkham. Did I miss a due process step? Is she really so dangerous that she needed to be sent to Arkham? And the nonsense that got the gem to her (from the Superman books). Oy.

Yikes. I kind of went off there. I suppose I should skip talking about how stupid it is to label JLA 119 as “Infinite Crisis is HERE!” when no crisis occurs, save possibly for the appearance of a red-caped someone in the final panel (and given that similar teaser/cliffhangers have happened all throughout comic history, how does this merit “Crisis” status)?

I’m convinced that whole turn of events came from the same otherwordly source that convinced Batman writers to make his long-time ally and eternal peace-lover Leslie Thompkins the one who killed Stephanie Brown.

“Breaking the cycle of madness” that are the Robins is a completely insane and out of left field reason to do what she did. :x

That’s in the same place as Rocky IV. It never happened.

Eclipso wasn’t a pseudo good guy in the JSA, only the host that sought to control it was.

Batman is my favorite DC character, like a lot of people… but I just won’t touch most of his books right now, only buying an issue or two now and then. Hell, Gotham Knights is written like a bad-acid trip apparently, Batman never shows up in his own book. Alfred is some kind of murderer now. Ivy’s “gone” and the readers are stuck with some over-exposed dark villain who never seemed that interesting in the first place. But with the return of Jason Todd and removal of Leslie, the rest of the Batman line-up isn’t that much better.

Azzarello still writing Detective? If so, that would explain a lot of this crappniess.

No, David Lapham is doing Detective at the moment (guess Stray Bullets isn’t earning enough money).

EDIT: At the moment, the best Batman-related book is still Gotham Central.

Picked up the newest Desolation Jones this week (No 3), from Warren Ellis. The first two issues were good but didn’t really click for me, but then again neither did Transmet at first. The third however is priceless - I don’t want to spoil it, but there is a great rant from a minor character on par with some of the best of Transmet in there.

Gonna pick up the second issue of Jack Cross sometime soon too.

EDIT: At the moment, the best Batman-related book is still Gotham Central.

Hell yes, I don’t even mentally include it with the rest of the Batman fare. The Poison Ivy story and Dr. Alchemy arcs were good… this Dead Robin story has me firmly hooked. Can’t wait to see how it ends next week.

Gotham Central is good, but I think the two main ones are starting to pick up steam again.

My list this week:

JLA #119
VIGILANTE #1 (OF 6) (Good start)
AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #524 (Awesome end to the Arc)
NEW AVENGERS #11 (My first time here - not bad)

This Week’s Pull List:

Inside Vineyland
Silent Dragon #3
Jack Cross #2
Ultimate Iron Man #4
Nightcrawler #10
Night Mary #2
Tom Strong and Jack B. Quick #1
Revelations #1
Revelatoins #2
B.P.R.D. - The Black Flame #1
Vigilante #1
Arana #9
Black Widow - The Things They Say About Her #1
Shadowplay #1
The New Avengers #11
Ultimate Secret #3
Young Avengers #8
Superman/Batman #22
The Sentry #1
NYX #7

So…JLA 119 spoilers + speculation: (click 'n drag 'n highlight)

Who was it at the end that blasted J’onn and blew up the watch tower? The computer read it as Supes, but obviously it wasn’t. Here’s the latest speculation:

-Cyborg Superman. We haven’t heard boo from him in a long while. And the preview of IC #1 shows Mongul hiding in the shadows. Hmmm.

-Power Girl. She’s got the red cape, and I guess Kryptonian DNA, but why would the computer read her as Supes? And why would she go rogue? :)

-Supergirl. Same reason as Power Girl’s.

-Future KC Superman or Pre-crisis Earth 2 Superman. Hey, it’s possible, and stranger things have happened.

-Superboy. Because going nuts the first time wasn’t enough. :P

-Black Zero. Superboy hypertime villain from a while back.