Comics on the iPad / iPhone

I’m rather confused on what’s available out there and the best way to view and purchase digital comics on the iPad / iPhone. Any thoughts?

For example, I noticed that IDW has it’s own app, and then it has additional specialized apps like the “Star Trek” app and the “Dragon Age” app. But then the help link on the IDW app actually goes to “Comics +” which is it’s own app.

Then there’s Comixology and the specialized Marvel and DC apps. And it looks like some Dark Horse Apps are on Comixology, but Dark Horse is talking about releasing it’s own App this month.

Are any of these things compatible? Can comics be moved between the various apps within the Comixology family and within the Comics + family (i.e., if you purchase something in the Marvel app, can you move it to the Comixology app)? From what I can tell, my best bet is to get “Comics+” and “Comixology” and ignore the specialized company only apps is that right, or does that leave me with less access.

Personally, I use Comic Zeal, but I primarily read .cbz or .cbr files. Works great for those.

I think I have most of the comics apps and it doesn’t look like there is anyone to move the comics around. It also looks like some issues are exclusive to certain apps (like Comixology has Marvel comics but it doesn’t look like it offers the same ones as the Marvel app) but I’m not 100% sure on that.

So I just have a ton of comic apps.

Alright, this is confusing a bit. What I wrote in the main comics thread:

Marvel and DC are both under Comixology. Just get Comixology, it includes everything.

Think of it like this:
Steam = Comixology
Steam with only EA Products= DC Comics App
Steam with only Activision Products= Marvel Comics App

So you just want to get Comixology.

Steam with only Ubisoft Products= IDW app.

Dark Horse is also on the Comixology app but I believe this launch later this month is going to be it’s own app. Benefits to this app is going to be greater selection and much better prices (if you look at Dark Horse in the Comixology app, so far their pricing has been fantastic).

Comic Zeal looks nice, but I use Cloudreaders. It’s free and has worked great with everything I’ve thrown at it. Spartan interface, but I recommend trying it out before paying for something.