Coming back after a 3 year break

What’s up?

Yeah, you probably don’t know me :(

I don’t.

And I’m wondering if the misspelling of “retarded” is deliberate or just a sign of… idiosee.

Thank the lord in heaven above. This is truly a grand day.

Have you been tarted again?

You’ve only been gone for less than 17 months.

In human time, maybe!

I remember you enough to hope that you take a longer break.

This dogpiling on retartedhampster is very uncalled for. Remember, this is the newer, kinder, gentler QT3.

Here’s a retartedhampster highlight reel to prove that he is a valuable member of our online community. (All posts reproduced in their entirety, no out-of-context quoting games here)

i didnt poast it because it wont let me copy it.[/quote]

as said in a nother post, never trust any one who is too stupied to register

0.9/0.8/0.5 on the jpinard scale, yea verily.

I remember you, hams! We’s pals, ain’t we?

However, you may run into trouble if you don’t QA your unparalleled pearls of wisdom. Be warned!