Command and Conquer The First Decade--XP compatibility?

Does anyone know if the games in this package–especially the early C+C, and the original Red Alert–were they made XP compatible?

I was wondering the same thing myself. Somehow I doubt it. That would require EA to pull out code none has looked at in many years, and then hire programmers to figure it all out and then fix it all.

Its just them trying to squeeze the last drops of milk from franchise. EA Las Vegas (Westwood) has been dissolved for some time, there proabbly arn’t even original programmers working for EA anymore.

To this day I mostly hate EA for wiping out Westwood, and a very good franchise with it.
I can’t think of a better example of a big coporation ruining stuff.


Well, are they just going to say on the package that you’d better be running DOS or Win95 for the earliest titles?!? Gimme a break.

“All titles were re-mastered to run on current operating systems including Windows® XP.”

I don’t know about C&C, but you can run RA under XP. It just requires that you create a shortcut to the installer and set it to run in Win95 mode. It’s a bit of a pain but compared to, say, running it through DOSbox, not that big a deal.

So does the original C&C run over TCP/IP or still IPX only?

For $40, this is a great deal.

For $40, this is a great deal.

Maybe if you don’t already have Generals and Zero Hour. And okay, maybe for Red Alert 2 on a lark.

But do you know how painful it is to go back to some of those earlier RTS interfaces? Ugh, no thanks! I got back into Starcraft a few months ago and realized how utterly spoiled I’ve been by latter day RTS interfaces, something Westwood took their time catching up with.


Yeah, I played Dune II again last year, and I’d forgotten that back then I could only select one unit at a time. It was unbelieveably frustrating. Still a lot of fun, though.

I still play Age of Empires 1 from time to time. The interface stuff is a bit annoying, but it just has a certain tranquil feel that later Age games didn’t quite replicate.

“The First Decade” would imply that there are more C&C games to come. Is there something in the pipeline that I don’t know about?

Also, such a shame they couldn’t include C&C: Sole Survivor. Ahem

You know me by now. I can go back and play just about anything and not mind the pain. I just fall back into old habits I used to avoid it, etc. These are “classics” if there is any such thing in PC gaming. I think the price is great for all that stuff.

Allegedly there was an unofficial announcement from Mark Skaggs implying that they were working on Red Alert 3, then there were some designer defections to Blizzard, then there was this:

So maybe?

How many original Westwood people are still working with Castle/EA? Didn’t they all scatter to the four winds? 7 Studios/Blizzard/Petroglyph, etc?

PS, I wish game producers would stop referring to games as “products”. Can you imagine if Steve Spielberg made a press statement about where he will be shooting his next “product”?

Is it really that hard to just say “game”?

Is it really that hard to just say “game”?

Most refer to a game in production as the “title.” That seems the be rule on the business side.

They’re all XP compatible and only XP compatible. They weren’t tested on any other OS but really who still runs 2K or 98 or whatever.

C&C and Red Alert don’t support multiplayer (which isn’t to say someone won’t figure out how to get it working again anyway) and all the rest do.

C&C and RA do not support multi-player? What is the point? Although really, only RA2 and Generals holds any intrest for me.

Id gladly buy it for a more stable RA2 if people here would actually play more then one or two games.

I think Westwood did themselves in as much as EA may have harmed them. They bet the farm on Earth and Beyond.

They were also victims of the RTS burnout among fans, and maybe you can blame that on EA. Blizzard avoided that because Blizzard only released two RTS games after C&C and Warcraft 2 popularized the genre, Starcraft and Warcraft 3. How many RTS games did Westwood release? Red Alert, Red Alert 2, C&C 2, Generals, Generals 2? Some even had multiple expansions, didn’t they? There were even a couple of C&C spinoffs that helped dilute the brand, that multiplayer only game and Renegade.

Thats because they kept releasing the same game, just like Tiburon did. Only it took much less time then for RTS players to get sick of it then Madden players. Personally I was long in the “I hate westwood studios camp” until RA2 came out and they totally redeemed themselves with C&C generals.