Command and Conquer The First Decade--XP compatibility?

Yeah, RA2 is the only RTS game asides C&C and Dune 2 I really like to this day.

But anyway, I played Sole Survivor quite a lot. It was obviously a rather awful game. But I started in the beta test and stayed with the community of testers for a good while.

Also as much as I recall, RA2 was somewhat external already in terms of the original manpower.
So Westwood might only get credit actually for Dune II which initiated the genre (Even if it was not the first) and C&C that together with blizzard’s WC2 got it to perfection (i.e. 2000 clones…)


You haven’t heard?
Allegedly EA is working on a “title” set in the Red Alert universe.

Most of us think this means Red Alert 3.

Also don’t forget C&C: Renegade.

I’m wondering if the failure of this title also helped contribute to the downfall of Westwood.
As an aside on the failure of this title, I’m wondering if this has any influence on the numerous delays and shuffling of Starcraft: Ghost?
(meaning that Blizzard has learned from Westwood’s mistake)

I was thinking of buying this. Then I saw my complete collection of Total Annihilation. I think I’ll play that again instead.