Command: Modern Air/Naval Operations ("The Harpoon that Never Was")


My guess? His product is super duper niche and needs all the visibility it can get.


Let’s see:

  1. If you browse this here thread in its entirety, you will see that I have posted multiple times to answer questions, take suggestions or help people with issues. If, as you claim, you have observed my posts in other forums than you know I am doing the same there. So the “only pop by to pimp my game” part is simply false.

  2. I am a small developer, posting news about my niche game, on a thread that is dedicated to this game to begin with. How else will I reach you? I can’t purchase full-spread ads on PC-Gamer, and I don’t have the PR budget to do the big-boy standard fare like bombarding mainstream gaming sites with thinly-veiled ad pieces (and when I do send them news, they mostly ignore them because mainstream-title news are better click-magnets). BrianRubin is spot on.

“Well then post your updates but contribute more to the forum!”, I hear you say. Not to put too fine a point in it but, I don’t have the time. I am pouring my heart and soul into the game, I support it “officially” on the MG and Steam forums, and unofficially here and in many other places. Oh and I have a family to take care of. Would I like to stick around and chew the fat? Sure. But that time and energy would have to come from somewhere else. Which feature of the game would you like me to remove so that I can have the extra time to be a better forum citizen here?

That said, I am nothing if not accommodating. So let’s have a show of hands here. If the majority signals that they do not approve of the way I am providing news for Command, I’ll respect the will of the residents and abstain from further annoying you. I am sure that the EAs of this world, who are not affected at the slightest from your vigilant forum-watch, will appreciate you for it.



Don’t make this guy angry. He has weapons, innit.


And databases to go with them!


This thread has been going on long enough that Tom is evidently happy to have Dimitris set up his Harpoon game right in the middle of the rug in his living room. This thread has also served as a good place on Qt3 for CMANO discussion.

But dang, D, ease back on those triggers a little, would you? It was a fair question.


still, for my two cents, i would feel honored to keep you as an active member @Dimitris 🤗


That’s because you’re one of those filthy neckbeardy grogs

/scratches beard


I like the cut of your jib. I hope you’ll stick around.


While I don’t care for the promotion news (maybe because I bought the game!), I love the development updates about the engine.


I want you to stick around on one condition @Dimitris: I want more info on that Tacview screenshot you teased a few months ago! Okay, that’s not actually a condition of my support, but I’m really interested!


This! I want to see replays of alpha strikes pounding North Vietnam, B52’s threading the needle at tree top height over the Kola Peninsula, and SSGN’s unleashing Tomahawk fury on furries.

Name your price, dawg.


Oh God yes. Just make sure the shades are pulled first.


That’s from the “export to Tacview” feature that’s already available as part of the Professional Edition.

And to pre-empt the follow-on question: It’s possible, in the future. Part of the equation is out of our hands but the part where we do have control/influence, we want it to become a reality. Maybe even something better. We’ll see.


Oh sure the monocle-wearing version has it


Command: Modern Air / Naval Operations WOTY is on sale at Fanatical (formerly Bundle Stars) for $19.99 + an extra 10% off by using the code BLACKFRIDAY10, or about $17.99 U.S.


Climb down the hatch ladder and join the ranks of The Silent Service!!


Looks cool, love the idea of more sub focused missions.

Can we scroll the map smoothly yet? :)


That is coming too, just not as soon.


The scenarios of The Silent Service - Part 1:



Looking forward to this!