Command: Modern Air/Naval Operations ("The Harpoon that Never Was")

I did pick this up. I was not impressed by the first tutorial, though. I decided to try tutorials to get back into it, and fired up the first, which has you launch an F-16 from Ramat David. Well, the pop-up messages came on schedule, but the tutorial “ended” with a declared win more than two hours (game time) before the F-16 I was supposed to launch actually, um, launched. I was following the instructions but for whatever reason the messages seemed to be on their own timer and totally unconnected to anything I did. Oops.

One of the new scenarios “Dawn Strike” is a nice, low complexity scenario with a 1950s airstrike against North Korea flying Corsairs off the USS Valley Forge. Definitely has me hankering for some of the WW2 content they have said is coming for CMO.

I’m probably going to have to put up a second screen for this thing now that I’ve gotten in to it again. CMANO/CMO demands screen space like a room full of chonkers demands snacks.

Also to add to the “two weeks” pantheon:
#284. When will CMO have a coordinated strike wizard?

The RP mechanic is easily the clumsiest thing in CMO. Nothing like having a bazillion RPs all over the place. I mean, I do pretty much clean up non-staging area RPs (RPs set up for AEW patrols, etc), but still. There should also be an on-screen list of defined missions. Actually, you know what, the sim should be handed over to a modern UI and taskflow expert for a couple of months.

I’m also sad the DBs are broken up into two, so I can’t set up a 4 F-22 vs. 27 MiG-17 scenario. Or can I?

@scharmers Easy. There are two MiG-17 entries in the DB3000 ( Angolan MiG-17F and Somalian MiG-17PF), so you can set them up against F-22s.

Spitfires are a bit tougher.

Word up. I was never fond of setting up waypoints in CMANO and I was hoping it would be less sucky in CMO, but that’s not the case.

I’m also sad the DBs are broken up into two, so I can’t set up a 4 F-22 vs. 27 MiG-17 scenario. Or can I?

I took a quick gander at the DB3000 database and there are bunch of ancient throw-away MiGs you can match up against Raptors. You can still get your stealing candy from a baby fix by inserting A-model F-14s and F-15s into early Cold War scenarios. I love doing that in the 1967 Downtown scenario.

Ah, The Final Countdown scenarios

This… fuckin… movie

(CVN-68 Veteran)

Holy shit, in one of those shots the kitty seems almost out of control and barely staying out of the drink!

Crazy! I’d never heard of this movie before. Wikipedia says that scene involved some close calls while filming, including the sequence you mentioned, @schurem.

Having flown the DCS tomcat a lot, I could tell its wallowing and the pilot sort of lost in one of those low speed barrel rolls. Rolling the cat at slow speed is a dicy proposition. It used spoilers for roll, and the last thing you want to near stall speed is spoiling the lift on one of your wings. One uses rudder for roll control at slow speed, but even then its dangerous.

Apparently the 50% off for CMANO owners goes away at the end of the month?


Guess I better make sure to get it purchased then. :)


I bought it at the discount but haven’t done anything with it other than try and fail at the first tutorial, which was broken. Sigh. One day I will, I keep telling myself, dive in and figure it out again, but the older I get the harder it is to jump into something like this. I find myself spending my gaming time with stuff like Borderlands 3, where I can shoot and loot with the brain turned off, or World of Warships, where I can shoot and shoot the shit with clan mates. Deep intellectual dives are too damn hard.

Have you tried the “Quick Battle Generator” feature? It was designed and added specifically for people who wish to quickly jump into a small-scale fight with as few concerns as possible.

It sounds good, but no, I haven’t tried it yet. I need to get re-acquainted with the interface and basic inputs and information display first. But I will probably try this out as a way of doing that, thanks!

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