Command: Modern Air/Naval Operations ("The Harpoon that Never Was")

Oh man! Really? PM me an email adress so I can put you in touch with some of the ED people! I would love to drive the tomcat, the viper or any kind of MiG in missions generated from snapshots of CMO. That’d be almost as good as a true dynamic campaign. And I don’t think that’d be just me.

So as a sort-of addon to DCS I think CMO would sell gangbusters to that crowd.

A refreshed user interface : Command’s new slick, dark-themed UI slams you right into the seat of a modern-day military command center and never lets go. Play in desktop-standard window or gamelike full-screen mode. Arrange your secondary info windows just how you like them - or park them into extra monitors. Customize your map and info windows to perfection to suit your play style.

Oh, yes. I’ve got a 4K display in landscape, and a 1440p display in portrait. This will be fun.

With one of the images showing AH-1s engaging vehicles in Central Europe, are ground operations supported in the new edition?

This is great news. Cannot wait for Tacview integration and LOS! That is worth the purchase alone.

I’ve been pestering for a smooth map for forever so guess I’d better upgrade!

Feel free to use the address from our PE page (

We’ll probably have to do a dedicated article on this because the improvements on this aspect are significant.

That image of the multi-monitor set up is both amazing and terrifying. One reason I never spent the time on this game that I wanted to initially was the sheer info overload and general complexity of the beast. Seeing a setup like this just reinforces the idea that the game is not for mere mortals like me, but only for uber-cyberwarriors.

Not even just multi-monitor. Those are all separate computers (I assume the monitor in the back is not connected to one of the three pictured laptops, anyway).

Huh. That’s even…more scary? Wow.

CMANO2 developers interview:

It does have the ability to pause or change the flow of time, which makes it more manageable to deal with, but someone that has spent more time with it than some tutorials can probably say better than me how bad the info load is.

Blog entry on the new engine rewrite and new UI

Even more on the improved UI. Tons of very, very nice changes.

Very nice changes indeed. Tacview alone is worth the price of admission. Does Tacview support 3D oceans?

@Dimitris Will there be a performance hit if my map settings is set to show ALL missions? In the current version, there’s a hefty performance hit if I have all mission areas displayed as shown here.


8700K with an RTX 2080 and Command runs sluggishly with all mission zones enabled.

No, the new engine can easily show multiple mission areas.

The mission name is also now displayed at the centroid of each mission area, making it easier to see at-a-glance which mission is where.

Command: Modern Operations – The new simulation & editor features:

I just can’t go back to OG Command after watching the videos of CM2 so far. The across the board increase in performance, smooth map control, and Tacview have rendered Command obsolete.

November 14 launch announced. No word on pricing.