Command: Modern Air/Naval Operations ("The Harpoon that Never Was")

That looks great and all, but maybe you could resurrect one of the existing Harpoon threads (such as here) or even start a new one to post Harpoon-related content in. Frankly, posting a Harpoon scenario in the Command: MANO thread just seems like sour grapes.

I’m reading this thread because I’m potentially interested in purchasing Command: MANO. Also, at risk of being nit-picky, I read WH’s request as a request for the scenario in C:MANO, not Harpoon.

Please don’t keep dragging this kind of crap into this forum, as you have done on many others.

Enjoy the quiet, Herman.

Are there any Command scenarios with the Indonesian military?

If not in the base game, I know there’s at least one in the community scenario pack. That one is Australia in a show of force against Indonesia in an alternate history 1968. I’m sure there’s at least one somewhere that lets you play as Indonesia, and if not then you can always just create whatever engagement you want using the database and play it out.

Trolls stalking devs…wow I am having a Usenet flashback!

I do have one in mind set in 2013 with a leaky boat, an ANZAC class frigate and a shaky knowledge of the Indonesian maritime border. I’m just not sure how to set up the Indonesian side.

Can I do snap rolls in this sim? ;)

As long as you’re not involving specific land-based installations (which you can fortunately import directly onto the map from a database in the scenario editor), it doesn’t seem too complicated to set up small engagements between a few ships. My dabbling in the editor isn’t in-depth enough to provide a lot of specific instruction, unfortunately (and Caspian Sea teleportation triggers are completely beyond my abilities). Is there any aspect you’re having trouble with regarding the Indonesians? Trying to set up a maritime border violation?

I admire the depth and complexity of a sim like this and I’m glad there are people out there still willing to develop and publish such a game without feeling the need to include zombies.

However, at this point in my gaming life it just appears to require too much time investment. I read the answers to how to set up a simple scenario, a CV TF vs. a sub group hunting it, with a random probability of inclusion of units, and it was far too complex for my simple gaming needs.

Translation: I just want shit to blow up.

I think I have a handle on how to setup, I just don’t know much about their OOB and was hoping there was another modern day scenario that could give me some pointers on what their deployment would look like. I’ll have a play around with the '68 version.

Joining a forum to butt heads with the developer - yellow alert.

Video review citing a request from a single post poster as the reason to do the negative review - red flag.

I’m not sure what to think about your invoking Tom’s illness in your post with your new scenario, which you proceed to plug all your Harpoon scenarios.

Yep, pretty terrible form all around from Herman there.

Unfortunately, this is basically a type of internet stalking. Herman and Vincenzo/Reckall follow the Command devs around from forum to forum and do their best to bash the game while promoting their own efforts. As soon as they are banned on one forum, they show up on another. This obsession with the dev team goes back to the Harpoon days, but regrettably they’ve continued it with Command. I’d really prefer the dev team to be able to spend time on the game instead of these forum kerfuffles. If you have any interest in the game, just make sure you don’t just look to one source for feedback/reviews. There’s a large community of people who have played and play the game and many, many reviews out there for comparison purposes.


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To know these developers is to know their history.

Unannounced Database changes

Once exposed for all to see, Matrix tries to cover up their malfeasance 8 YEARS later. Remember, this is the internet. Nothing ever disappears.

Truth always finds a way

I see that this thread has reached three pages and still no one has been able to point to a single inaccuracy from my review.
Modern Naval Ops Review (Steam v1.05)

Hi Erik! I see that Ragnar & Co. still haven’t lost the habit to “run to mama” when they run out both of arguments and facts (which, on the average, means within thirty seconds :) )

What in the actual fuck is going on here?

Oh, BTW, this is my review of “Command” on

See all the deleted messages in the “Comments” section? There are all from the same person. Guess who he is? Obsession indeed.

Speaking about this, Erik, were you aware about it - and the risk this irresponsible behaviour put itself on Amazon? If you want proof, just PM me.