Command Of The Sea - Naval WW2 Simulation - Development Log

Reminds me of an advanced version of the Combat Mission engine. I loved ricochets and such in that game, though I don’t think they were physically modeled, just an algorithm.

Man I cannot wait to play with this! Love the fidelity of the ballistics and sound.

BTW I would seriously consider renaming your project as the title is confusing since there’s another game that starts with the same title: Command: Modern Air/Naval Operations ("The Harpoon that Never Was")

Since your two games are both at sea, but yours is phenomenally different, people who aren’t interested in a dry, no-visual fidelity game might not consider taking the time to click your links thinking it too is a global map with tiny icons game instead of a fully-fledged 3d title with realistic ballistics. Even though I’m getting your game, I’d been skipping over this thread because I kept thinking it was the other game and not yours.

I can see your point, but renaming it at this point would render our whole branding we’ve built up during the last year useless, i.e. our domain, the videos, youtube channel, facebook, twitter, reddit, etc.
There’s already too much involved to change it, and it’s not even that easy to come up with good names as a lot of stuff is already trademarked :)

Big boat go boom

Guns in the mist


Gastles of steel: the game

Mr. Bismarck’s Cavalcade of Whimsy.

Star Fleet Battles

"McBoaty McBattleship Simulator"

Boaty McBoatface goes Bang!

That sound’s wrong somehow… :)

Oh no, thats how we’ll know your game forever now BmcBgB!

“MBMBS” is actually pretty nice :) It rolls right off the tongue!

I’m getting a lot of crazy ideas for EasterEggs here… :)

Command Of The Sea - Trailer

We had some fun creating a Blockbuster-Style Trailer, hope you enjoy it too! :)

It’s a Bismarck!

Ladies and Gentlemen, it’s a Bismarck!

At least in the making… :)
We’ve initially applied the camouflage that was used during the Battle of the Denmark Straight following May 24th, 1941.
Although she might not be as appealing as her sister Tirpitz with her Baltic Camo, it’s easily visible that this painting scheme is very effective against a bright horizon in the North Atlantic. It’s a painting scheme for a work horse!

That’s a pretty ship you got there. Be a shame if something were to happen to it…

I just need to tick a few checkboxes and she’s unsinkable! :)

I’d have a squadron of very disappointed stringbags if that happened ;)

Too soon.

I want to see if I can sink that puppy without all the cheats that were used before - torpedoes and planes :)