Command Of The Sea - Naval WW2 Simulation - Development Log

I tend to fare very poorly with sims and realistic games, but this does look very cool. I’ll definitely be following with interest. Also, are there submarines? Asking for a friend.

Submarines are definitely planned! I’m myself a big fan of the submarine warfare, cause it has that certain pirate/privateer touch that makes it interesting.
And surface raiders like Atlantis, Thor or Komet will be added too (

Wow that is gorgeous.

Oscarsborg almost ready!
Oscarsborg is almost ready, our AI and Armor Piercing simulation is almost ready too.
During the next weeks we’re going to implement everything with our 3D Models, for our next Game update ! :)

As always, the screenshots below are linked to the fullsize image :)

Super excited, but one request at this point. Please make sure the sound matches the amazing visual fidelity. I can’t count the number of times a wargame has felt dull because the sound input was so low on the totem. When a massive shell hits steel, we should feel it.

Yes I fully agree, and we’ll try our very best.
Unfortunately it’s rather hard these days to get this properly done, cause most likely none of us ever heard how a shell sounds when it hit’s a wall of steel. We even had serious troubles to create a realistic engine sound for our Tirpitz, cause it’s hard to imagine how such a old steam turbine sounds when built in a huge battleship.

And then on top of that we’re facing the problem that every audio-setup sounds differently, Notebook speakers, external speakers, headphones, etc., everything gives you different results.

So we’re by far not happy with our actual sound effects, but we’ll try :)

That’s actually a hard problem guys. One idea would be to try to model the interaction of shells and sloped armor with a physical modelling based synthesizer

It should be possible to treat the armor plate and shell physical system as a kind of monstruous glockenspiel where the slats are made of RHA steel, the stick is made of steel too and moving at several hundred meters per second.

Thanks, will look into this :)

Time for another update about our progress :)

Armor Piercing
The Armor Piercing simulation we’re using punches real holes into the object at the exact location where the projectile hits.
Therefore we take the velocity of the projectile and it’s mass to compute it’s impact energy. Then we take the armor thickness and the projectiles impact angle and determine if it could breakthrough, get stuck, or would just graze off/ricochet.
That way it’s also possible to simulate multiple breakthroughs in a row, i.e. 2 or more plates of armor, or multiple decks.

As always, the screenshots below are linked to the fullsize image :)

Ooooh shiny!

That’s pretty impressive.

Thanks :)

Motivational words are always good to hear :)

Nice :) Love that.

This is totally a game for me. Looking forward to beta and release!

I have wanted a ship sim to do this for so long! How awesome.

So big question then… massive magazine explosions based on real hit locations?

It’s to soon to give an exact answer to that. :)

Actually I’m quite sure that we’ll make magazine explosions and magazine flooding a part of the game in the long run, cause it’s a very important in battle (HMS Hood).

It should also not be too difficult to create a huge explosion and to increase the flooding rate and therefore sinking of the ship.
But the visible damage on the ship due to a magazine explosion would most likely only be possible with some pre-fabricated damage models. I.e. you see some damage on the ship, but it’s a pre-build damage model, not dynamic.
I doubt that a fully dynamic damage model like for our projectile armor penetration, where the projectile really does damage where it hits, without any pre-scripted parts, would be possible on that scale.

But it’s a loooong way to get there, at the moment we invest most of our time into AI development and armor piercing. Our next big goal is to get a battle with land-based AI coastal artillery out, and then we’ll start working on an AI-Ship.

Yep totally understand :)

Visual & Sound Effects

During the last weeks we’ve added visual & sound effects to our guns and impact/armor piercing simulations.

As always, the screenshots below are linked to the fullsize image :)

Can’t wait to feel the deep rumble of the guns going off.

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