Commandos 3 demo out!

I saw it at – and yes, I still go there… why shouldn’t I? and where’s better??? evilavatar and ve3d are still my top two news sites, maybe just out of familiarity, maybe because nowhere else is better enough to matter :-)

ARRGH, but this isn’t about news sites, it’s about the Commandos 3 demo. Downloading it now, though my DSL has been fux0red since yesterday morning. Anyone else grabbed it & tried it yet?

(I never played the first two – all the reviews talking about the hotkey-intensive fiddly non-remappable interface made me shy away. Is the third time the charm???)

Where do you see the demo? All I see is a link to a trailer.

edit: nm got it.

Color me unimpressed. While the first two were hard as hell due to having to puzzle out how to accomplish your multiple tasks without a single mistake, this one is difficult due more to how muddy everything appears, such that I find myself unable to easily point out enemy unless using the built in “enemy highlight” feature.

While the first two were strictly 2D affairs meant to use little in the way of hardware, they both were much prettier, in my opinion at least, than this new version.

I gave up on the demo at the point where I had reached the outside and promptly couldn’t find where my own soldier was at. All of this could just be my own inability to properly grasp the interface and presentation, but it’s enough to steer me clear of the game when it does find it’s way onto store shelves.

I thought it was pretty easy actually. Much easier than Commandos 2. Pretty fun too. It is a bit silly however, since at seemingly random times a dozen or so soldiers will run out of the last car and shoot everyone that they see. They can even see through the spy’s disguise, pretty much making the mission impossible if you don’t quicksave regularly.

They really should have killed the guy that came up with the concept of 3d for that game.

“…but but, eveyone else is doing it!”

:: BAM! :: dead!

The camera things don’t work very well, everything seems blurry, the green Berret moves like a slug… (I think I will take a good three days to climb down this ladder. dum de dum dum ::BANG!:: dead!)

it didn’t catch me like the other commando games did… this game is not being added to the list of “games I will buy”

::edit:: had the word “slug” as “slut” … I love typos!

That train intro scene looked real good, but the 3d textures and polys are subpar even for a PS1 game. (Looks like a 3D GBA game up close)