Commandos Strike Force - what's the skinny?

Anyone playing it? I loved the 2d ones, and am giving this one a hard look… but the entire deal hinges, for me, on how the stealth is.

Any old-head Thief/NOLF/Deus Ex playas able to lend a nigga a perspective?

I was underwhelmed by the demo: not that compelling as either FPS or stealth action game, IMHO. Initial reviews seem kinda lukewarm (PS2, Xbox, PC).

I enjoyed the demo, although ultimately it’s just another WWII FPS.

Which probably means it offers ~10 hours of gameplay. :-/ Hope I’m wrong, though.

I’ve never actually played a WWII shooter, since there’s just nothing about the genre that’s really compelling for me. So the “meh, just another WWII FPS” bug may not bite me.

Well, I guess I did play a lot of Wolfenstein 3d on the daily, way back when, and more recently a little RTCW, but I dunno if they count.

I figured the shooter-y stuff would most likely by MOTS; but since I’m familiar with and like the characters and presentation of this series, and it hit shelves recently, I was just hoping that someone who was an experienced stealth gamer could give a rough thumbnail of how that aspect holds up.

IGN gave it a 7.5, thats not good. At all.