Comment and Question on BF2

  1. Comment: I so suck at BF2. Seriously. I’m in unexplored new frontiers of suckery. I can have my accurate Spec Ops unlocked weapon, see someone, fire at them (using either quick bursts of auto fire or quick single fire) and appear to hit them a couple of times while they try to figure out where I am, then they drop prone and in what appears to be one shot I’m dead. I think I’m behind a wall, getting ready to C4 a tank from behind, I can’t see him at all, then I hear ping ping ping and I’m dead somehow. I so suck.

  2. But since I love to play I’ve decided the best route is to play one class and just stick with it so that I learn it as well as possible. I’ve chosen Spec Op. And I love getting behind enemy lines and taking out all of their Arty, Radar, etc. as well as trying to plant a couple of C4s on a chopper that just spawned. But I really, really need annotated maps of each map with the location of all of the command assets (UAV Trailer, Radar, Arty) for both sides for all maps. I know I can go in single player and take the time to try to find them all, but I would prefer to spend that hour or so playing. So: does anyone have a link to good detailed annotated maps that show these locations? Thanks.

Oh, that’s Battlefield 2, not Battlefront 2. Never mind. :)