Comments and gripes about BF2

My first gripe is the lack of some offical channel to give feedback to the developers. Even if it is ignored, at least I would feel like I gave them a chance.



  1. Playing a sniper is a lot of fun, but you need to be very patient. I see a lot of would be snipers shooting at me like they are trying to unload thier clip as fast as possible. I love getting one-shot kills. It takes skill. I also love being in a sniper vs sniper contest to see who can kill each other first.

  2. If you want to make contrib points, be an engineer in a chopper with a skilled piolet. The best combo is an ammo guy, medic, and two engineers. You can carpet bomb the world with AV mines. I racked up 80 contrib points easily in a single round this way. The hardest part is getting a good chopper piolet. There are a lot of so-so ones, but rarely a great one.

  3. Not all maps are good for all classes. If the battlefield is big or the front line fluid, don’t be a sniper. Do not be anything but vehicle or vehicle support. If it is small or the frotline is fairly stable, then infantry of all types are good.

  4. Keep an eye out for ‘skulls’ on the road on the top of buildings. Keep an eye out for ‘bags’ laying on the ground, these are C4 charges which are manually triggered.


  1. Getting team kills for mines. Mines should have a 10 second timer after being deployed. If the timer expires, then anyone tripping the mine and dies can not punish the ‘team killer’. Time and time again I put down a mine, some idiot walks up to it, looks at it, pauses (looks at me I guess), then steps on the mine and dies. I am like “Its a fucking mine! Dont be an idiot.” Claymores are directional so you can walk right up to one side of them safely. I guess people think this means its safe to step to the otherside.

  2. To fly an aircraft of any time should require a certifcation of basic training earned in ‘single player mode’. I hate getting on a chopper only to have the piolet crash it withing 5 seconds of taking off.

  3. Lack of friends list and joining servers without being able to be on the same side.

  4. Being killed within a nano-second of spawning. Again, there should be a timer, 10 seconds. While the timer is active, you get no death count for dying, the killer no credit, and you can choose a spawn point and go there instantly (no dying timer).

  5. No local ‘say’. IE: “Its a fucking mine you idiot! Don’t go there!” Macros would be nice too, one button click to say that. Id use it a lot.

  6. Medals and ribbons do nothing. You can’t even see the ones other players have (or I do not know how to do it).

  7. Getting ‘xp’ is far to slow. How many years will I have to play to get my 7th weapon unlock? Also not all classes operating in thier intended manner are blanced in terms of contribution. Raw killing classes, assualt and snipers, generate the least amount of contribution, and support classses, espeically enginers generate a hell of a lot.

  8. Not enough f’ing maps. WTF is with this? It seems every new FPS has less maps then the last. Remembrr the days when an RTS or FPS game would come with 20 maps minimum? You might have to think way back for this one.

Last night while playing I was the target of some strange griefing. i have yet to figure out what was going on. let me describe. I would jump into a heliochopper and start to take off. After getting about halfway through my take off cycle, someone would hit me with something and it would do about half damage to my chopper. Soon after, mabey 2-4 seconds later i would be hit with another shot, die, and some how TK a person (Wastedmonkey) who would instantly punish me. I have no idea how the guy was doing that. I really hate these griefing fags that run around fucking up everyone else’s game.

(despite rhyming with “violet”, it’s spelled “pilot”)

(despite rhyming with “violet”, it’s spelled “pilot”)[/quote]

Did I leave out the spelling nazi welcome mat by mistake?

(despite rhyming with “violet”, it’s spelled “pilot”)[/quote]

Did I leave out the spelling nazi welcome mat by mistake?[/quote]

c’mon, that wasnt a typo, you used it a few times and it’s a small word. I dunno if english is your language, but it really was noticable and kept me from easily paying attention to what you were saying.

Never said it was a typo. I am a bad speller. Anyone who has read any number of my posts in the past should be quite aware of this fact. I did horrable in school class spelling bees, even when they were limited to 20 words given at on monday and I had until friday to learn them. I could never make it past 2 words no matter how much I tried.

I would study for hours through the week. I even started going to school an extra 2 hours in the morning for special instruction on how to spell. After 3 years everyone gave up including me. Much later, aka community colledge, I was diagnosed with severe dislexia (which is more then juxitiposing two letters) and a major problem with rought memorization. The only question was, was I a retard or was I just learning disabled. The differnce is in one case your IQ is below 90 and in the other its above 120. Lucky for me, I tested way above 120 ensuring I was not in the retard category.

So if you want me to truly understand the fundemental theorm of calcules (not know it, but GROK it), understand both the speical and general theories of relativitity, sure no problem. However, if you want me to memorize all the integration forumlas what is typically called “Calc 2” or write a 5 paragraph essay on the good and bad points of kittens without making a single spelling error, you might as well ask me to walk on water. I simply can not do it.

So if I mispell a word, deal with it or just piss off.

Sorry, that’s not an excuse.

There are so many word processors and editors out there featuring spellcheck nowadays that piss poor spelling is a sign of apathy, not lack of ability. Just take a few extra seconds to copy/paste into some app with spell check and get it fixed up. A person who can’t be bothered to do that (and sometimes I’m such a person) should expect some flak about spelling and grammar. Especially on a board chock full of professional writer types.

Firefox has a spell check that can be installed that works friggin great.

Although I’m sure we’re all impressed with your genius-level intellect and deep understanding of special relativity, why should we have to deal with it or just piss off? After all, you’re the one who can’t spell. Why don’t you deal with the criticism or just piss off? Especially in this case, where the original comment of Andrew’s wasn’t even really a criticism, it was just a very friendly correction.

pile it

Ahhh where can I get that?

Ahhh where can I get that?[/quote]
There’s SpellBound (although I haven’t tried it m’self).

So you are telling me that most people type up thier posts in some kind of spell checking enviroment (ala word) and then post them here? I really have a hard time beleiving that. Of course, I could be wrong, and everyone could be posting with flawless spelling and grammar because they are all so concerned about looking anything but perfect and would never ever want to be accused of being lazy by not running eveything they have to say through a wordproccer who not only corrects spelling, but gives friendly advice on what to say to people who do not engange in such activity.

M’self, if I had difficulty with spelling, I’d be trying out FireFox + SpellBound (linked above, twice), so I could run spellcheck without leaving the browser.

I’d also not be an asshole about it (well, at least not about my disability – I’ll cheerfully be an asshole about other matters) – if someone corrected my spelling, I’d say “thanks, my bad – I’m way dyslexic, sorry”, figuring that forum regulars would catch on quickly and not get on my back about it in the future, rather than calling someone a nazi and totally derailing my own thread.

I’ve never understood the american conceit that somehow everyone else should just deal with one’s shitty spelling and grammar, it’s not like it really matters you fuckheads!

I think it’s an outgrowth of the whole “we have to think of their self esteem!!” education initiatives of the last couple decades.

It depends on the post but for the most part I just used word to check my posts if there was a word that I was unsure of. Now I just use spellbound and its the win.

Also – I pointed it out because it was a spelling goof that, as a writerly-type of person, hurt my brain. I figured a) maybe you’re not a native English speaker, and might appreciate knowing the proper spelling, or b) you might just be a lousy speller, but would want to know when you’re making an error that makes more finicky writerly types really wince.

As an Einstein-type guy, would you sit by quietly if I kept referring to E = ma or E = mc * 3 in physics related posts? Or just let it slide, since I might not be good at math?

DeepT, ignore these guys. Your posts are as comprehensible as most of the others in this thread, full as they are of jargon, bad grammar, and general sloppiness.

I do.