Commercials you (and I) hate

Spent some time in r/commercialsihate and I am curious. What commercials do you hate?

I’ll start with any Old Navy ads. Any Liberty Mutual ads. Any ads with stupid dancing. Your turn.

Any advertisement I witness, I immediately hate :)

Heh. Sounds like me, brother. I have been muting commercials for many years now. But I still see them.

I haven’t watched a commercial since 1999.

Pretty much all of them. I mean some may be amusing the first time you see them but the thing with commercials is that you see them over and over and over etc.

May I suggest a more fun topic of commercials we actually like, which is super rare?


That might be a fun topic. But not here? :)

Those damn Sarah McLachlan ASPCA ads.

I hate Liberty Mutual ads too.

So say we all.

On the radio I keep hearing an ad for Bounty paper towels that repeated the word “sauce” about 30 times that makes me want to boycott both Bounty and any station playing said ad.

As someone with misophonia, any commercial with any kind of song or jingle as it’s likely to get stuck in my head for the rest of the night. I keep my remote close and try to mute all the commercials.

Ugh I was going to post a 1-800-COLLECT commercial, but searching for one made me realize how many there were, how awful they all were, all the terrible C list celebrities that did commercials for them, and all the copycat companies that basically did equally crappy commercials. UGH ALL AROUND :(

Any off the Martin, Harding, and Mazzotti commercials, the “Martin, Harding, and Mazzotti do it again, call 1-800-LAW1010!” crap. Oy vey, those are bad.

The SimpliSafe ads with this guy